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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Is Here

It's that time again... sweaters, leggings, boots, scarfs. Fall is here. I use to love the summer months but as I've gotten older I don't think there is a more better time than Fall. The crisp days and the changing of colors. Lovely.

I'm going to wrap up a few things that happened this past weekend and week...

Last Friday night Nick and I went to dinner at Death and Co. close to St. Mark's Square. It was such a nice evening. The place didn't look like much on the outside. It was just a wood door with a woman standing out front. We weren't sure we were even in the right spot. It felt very secretive. You couldn't even go into the restaurant. The woman put our name on the list and said she would call our cell when a table was available. So Nick and I wandered around St. Mark's Square until she called.

About 15 minutes later she called and said the table was ready. We headed back and were lead into the restaurant. It was incredibly small. Very dark and cozy. It was pretty loud... which I thought was unusual since it was so small. I ordered a glass of wine and Nick had some specialty drink - think margarita with a heavy smoke taste. Actually pretty tasty. We ordered some to die for mac-and-cheese. It had quite the presentation... the mac-and-cheese came out on individual spoons. Next we had some filet mignon and their very well known fries. It was mouthwatering! Nick and I then decided to treat ourselves to a bottle of champagne (we weren't even celebrating anything)! We each got our own desert. I had strawberry shortcake and of course he had the chocolate cake. It was a wonderful date night!

Nick had a class from 9-5 on Saturday. I decided to enjoy the weather and shop around a bit and then relaxed the rest of the day. We had a dinner party at Sven and Amanda's place later that night. I met Nick over there... let's just say that he is way better at directions than I am. I got on the right subway but totally turned the wrong way coming out. I was lost. It took me forever to figure out where I was. They live in the financial district so there are a lot of small intersecting streets. Not fun. Luckily I found Nick and he was able to get us to the apartment.

Dinner was great! There were about seven couples there and it was just nice to relax and mingle. Lots of wine!! Sven and Amanda cooked up a amazing duck pasta... yummy! And we had chocolate cupcakes and cake for desert. Nick helped himself to two servings of desert!

This Wednesday we had a Partner's Club happy hour at West 3rd Common. It's such a great committee. We met up with some old friends and were introduced to some first years who were just starting the recruiting process. I am so glad Nick doesn't have to go threw that again. That first semester was tough... for him and me. We mingled for a little while and the headed to dinner at Aroma Wine Bar.

Aroma Wine Bar is this really quaint, intimate Italian restaurant. We sat in the very back corner and had candles all around us. Very romantic. We ordered some wine and had some great food. A wonderful Wednesday night!

This weekend we are suppose to have some beautiful weather. We plan to get out and enjoy it and watch some football! Big games this weekend in Texas!

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