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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Beautiful NYC Weekend

This past weekend was gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

It was still slightly cool on Friday so Nick and I just relaxed and stayed in on Friday night. Nick did have a very nice Friday though. He didn't have school... yeah, this whole graduate school thing is really tough! Oh, and even better... he ordered the new iPhone 4s. Now, this is big. Huge. Our phones suck, though I tend to believe mine sucks more than his (even though it's the same phone). We were so excited to learn that the iPhone would be coming to Sprint. I was ecstatic... I couldn't wait! Well, Nick informed me that I wouldn't be eligible for an upgrade until November but that he was going to go ahead and order his (since he was eligible).

Let's just say I was no longer excited.... I was jealous. I'm still jealous. And I know jealousy is a really bad trait but I can't help it. I realize that it's only another three weeks but that seems like a lifetime. I am ready to join the iPhone world!

Saturday was so pretty. Nick went for an early ride on the bike (70 miles!). I became infatuated with this new website: Pinterest. I am sure you have heard of it... I love it. It's such a great idea. You can connect with friends or people you don't even know and share things you like. There is so many great recipes, design suggestions, crafts, etc. I highly recommend signing up!

Once Nick got back we decided to eat lunch at PJ Clark's. It's one of our favorite burger places and we hadn't been in a while. It's actually one of the first places we ate during our first trip up here. Mouthwatering burgers and amazing shoe-string fries. Delicious!

We headed to the park after that to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. I got slightly sidetracked though. We were close to a holiday store that I go to every year so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It's called the Christmas Cottage and I absolutely adore it. It was one of the first stores I found when we first moved here. Those first few months were pretty tough but that store made me feel really happy. I love browsing all the holiday decorations. I mean, who doesn't love the holidays?! I, of course, purchased a few items and then we were on our way to the park.

Christmas Cottage!

My purchases... aren't they cute!

The park was packed. I'm pretty sure all the native New Yorkers realized this weather isn't going to last and it's not going to be too long before it turns freezing cold! It was just really nice to lay on the blanket and soak up the sun!

Sunday was a light day. We didn't do too much... We grabbed lunch at Cascabel Taqueria. It was our second time there and we really liked it the first time. Well, let's just say the second time didn't quite live up to the first time. The guacamole came out brown... definitely not the color its suppose to be. Even our waitress said that it didn't look right. The manager actually came out and brought us another one. She informed us they started carrying new avacodoes from Chili and when they add the salsa part it turns it brown. That may be... but it didn't make it look any more appetizing. I had the shrimp tacos and Nick and the carne asada tacos. Nick loved his but I hated mine. The shrimp were dry and there was just no flavor at all.

So, to fix the awful meal I had we went to our local frozen yogurt spot. It's kind of become a tradition... we go there every time we are in the neighborhood. I guess it's a good thing it's 20 blocks away otherwise we would be there all the time!


I decided to make dinner that night and took a recipe from Pinterest that I had found earlier. Mini pizzas made from the muffin/cupcake pan. Awesome idea. And the recipe was healthy... whole wheat wraps for the crust and turkey pepperonis... 66 calories a pizza. Not bad. The pizzas came out really good. I would only tweak the sauce next time... add a little less. I made a salad to go with it and Nick and I had one tasty, homemade meal!


Beautiful weather, great food, and quality time with Nick... a pretty great weekend!

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