“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” - Jawaharal Nehru

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Travel Junkie

Travel the world? Yes, please!

I have always have had a interest in traveling. There is so much history and culture in the world - why wouldn't you want to experience it? So I have to travel. Plain and simple.

My desire to travel increased tremendously after our European Adventure 2010. 3 1/2 weeks was just not enough. It was a trip of a lifetime and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. There are so many wonderful memories Nick and I have. Nick always thought I had a "idealized" view of Europe. I romanticized it too much. When we got back he asked if it lived up to my expectations. And it did in every way possible. It only solidified my desire to continue to experience the world and create amazing memories.

So with that being said... I have now informed Nick we have to take a trip to somewhere new every year! He did get a little nervous. But then I clarified we did not have to take a 3 1/2 week trip every year...maybe every other year!!!

We just booked our trip to Belize! I.Cannot.Wait! It will be a GREAT trip. It has mix of laying by the beach, Mayan ruins, jungle, cave tubing....and many more things! We are staying at The Phoenix which will be the perfect hotel! It will be a great end to Nick's first year of graduate school. We both deserve a nice trip after the first year of our New Chapter (to our life). And, to top it off we get to have a few days in Dallas to see the family and friends! We will have not been back since we left!!!

My Future Travel Plans (for your enjoyment....well, I guess, really mine!)
  • England/Ireland: This is a must since we now are closer to London. Nick is really interested in seeing London. I hear it's just like NYC! I am already thinking - summer vacation 2012.... tour England and Ireland and go to the Summer Olympics. PERFECT! I am already trying to convince Nick!
  • Australia/New Zealand: It just looks so beautiful! And we met so many Aussies while traveling through Europe. They were the nicest people. And apparently it's one of the happiest places on earth. Who wouldn't want to go there?
  • Brazil/Peru: Nick has a fascination with South America. Or mainly just Brazil. But, it looks like a great time. We tried to do it this summer but we just didn't have enough time. So Brazil 2014 for the World Cup. I think it will be pretty easy to convince Nick of this one!
  • European Adventure Part 2: Amsterdam, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Greece/islands. Yes, I do realize that is a lot. It would be another 3-4 weeks... but it's just a must. I had this planned shortly after we got back from our first Europe trip!
  • Canada: It just has to be on the list because I hear it's great and it's so close!
Those are at the top of the list. Trust me, there are plenty more!

Why would you want to stay in your "bubble" and never experience what the world can offer you? For me, traveling has now become a necessary part of my life and Nick's. It might take a little convincing in the beginning but he enjoys the experiences and memories we make just as much as I do!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let It Snow!

Last Wednesday we had a Snow Day! It was so nice not to have to go into work. A much needed break! I was able to spend the day with Nick!

We had lunch together at this cute little Italian restaurant. Yummy margarita pizza. It whisked me back to Italy. Always love that!

Nick and I then walked around Central Park. It was so beautiful and quite peaceful. There was a lot of couples walking around taking pictures, a lot of parents with their children out sledding, and of course some tourists.

It was just so picturesque! A great way to spend the afternoon together.

Enjoy some of the photos we took!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seriously Funny...


Today provided quite the entertainment. Usually when all three us (me, Nicole, and Tamara) are together we have no problem keeping ourselves quite entertained. We all find each other quite funny. The two Texans and the girl from the Bronx.

We had a extra bit of excitment today. This week has been a little slow due to one of our physicians being out as well as the snow day we had. So there has been some downtime. A lot of downtime. And, of course we find ways to entertain ourselves!

Well, we were sitting at the computer in the nurses station just talking. All of a sudden we recieve these pop ups warning us about how the computer is at risk and being attacked. Blah, blah. We didn't think much of it... we thought it was just some site wanting us to purchase anti-virus protection. Well a few minutes later a website that none of us would EVER pull up pops onto the screen. So, we decide to leave a message for our IT people.

A few minutes later, the website pops up again. This time right as the IT people are calling. Who I might add can see our screen. As Tamara is talking to them Nicole and I are cracking up by what we are looking at. It's just not something anyone sees pulled up on their work computer.

It's just so halirous. The IT guy is laughing on the other line because he can hear us cracking up. My ribs literally hurt because we were laughing so hard.

It was just the sort of thing we needed. A good laugh. It's always nice.

Warning - younger kids should not look! Ha! I'm sure you all can already guess what popped up?!

Seriously funny.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Hour & Birthday

Gotta love girls happy hour! It was long over-do!

We all met up at Maya...my favorite Mexican restaurant (to date). We were so excited about yummy Mexican food and half priced margaritas! Well, turns out we were a little too excited and didn't pay much attention. We sat in the restaurant area thinking we would still be able to get happy hour prices. But, no. Sadly not. We were already situated and didn't feel like moving so we said, "What the hell - screw happy hour prices!"

It.Was.Crazy. Most all of the girls came...Christine and Sophia were not present but were there in spirit! We definitley had a few drinks for them too! Krystal, who also use to work with us, came and it was so great to see her and catch up!

We just enjoyed drinking, making a lot of noise, and having a great time! Girls night is a must do every once in a while!

Love all of them!

It was also Tamara's 30th Birthday on Sunday. Which, I might add, she mentioned to us quite a few times each day. She just didn't want us to forget. Haha! So, Tamara wanted ice skating and pizza. How could you turn that down? So we got together Saturday night for some ice skating in Central Park. It was REALLY cold and right before I left it started to snow. Not many people can say they have ice skated while it snowed. So, ice skating in Central Park while it was snowing outside=PERFECTION!

Tamara and I were the only ones that made it. We had a great time and even better... We did NOT fall. Not once. That made the night even better. It was such a cool experience. Definitely something Nick and I are going to have to do together!

Just lovely.

Super cold! Aren't my Ugg ear muffs cute?! (I bought those earlier in the day because I knew my ears would be freezing!)

We met up with Jenienne at Serafine for some yummy Italian food. I had never been there. It was a really cute place with some great wine and food.

Me, Tamara, and Jenienne (I have a feeling you will start seeing them a lot in my blog!)

I love those two girls - lots of fun for a Saturday! We are already planning more evenings out!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Our first New Year's Eve in NYC! Nick and I almost decided not to do anything. We were so exhausted from our flight, Nick had to work on Friday, and we really just wanted a chill night.

But, Mike and Jenienne invited us over to their apartment for a fun night of good friends, wine, and board games. How could we resist? We couldn't - we had to do something fun for our first NYE in NYC!

We had a fabulous time at their place! Loads of fun! We met some really nice people and just enjoyed hanging out. Lots of wine and mingling was the first part of the evening. Jenienne had some lovely horderves. Yummy!

Tamara, Jenienne, and Me!

Hey, hands off my man Jenienne! Love her!

Jeremy and Tamara

Later in the evening we decided to try our hands at Buck Hunting (a game for Wii). I had never heard of it before but, WOW...tons of fun and way addicting! Granted, I wasn't very good at it but I had a great time. I was definitley entertainment for Nick when I was playing!

Closer to midnight - we turned on the TV and watched all those people in Times Square. No.Thank.You. I don't think you could pay us enough money to be down there with all those people. We were in the perfect place with great friends! A great way to bring in 2011.

Love the party hat!


Tamara and I after a few drinks!


We were about to leave when somehow it was discussed that I have never played beer pong. Well why would I? I don't drink beer...at all. But, that didn't stop everyone from suggesting Nick and I play a game. Nick, of course, drank all the beer - I just threw the ball. I did pretty well too! I made the ball go into two cups. Not bad for the first time. However, we still lost and Nick sure did have to drink a lot of beer. He was definitley in a good mood after that game!

Beer Pong!

The Group!

We got home about 3am. Yeah, crazy for the two of us. But I guess once a year isn't too bad. As soon as our heads hit the bed we were out!

Looking forward to what 2011 has to bring us. So far so good - a ski trip in February and Brazil in May. Hopefully a lot more amazing things to come!