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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Over A Week Late

Well, this post is long overdue. But I blame it on the horrible sinus infection that kept me completely bed ridden all last weekend and this past week. Yeah, not fun. I absolutely hate being sick. And Nick hates me being sick... he thinks it makes me even more high maintenance that normal. I, however, disagree!

Last Thursday night I met up with Ariane, Amber, and Jen at Pure Food and Wine. It is a raw vegan restaurant that only uses plant based ingredients (no processed foods). Also, nothing is heated over 118 degrees to preserve the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes (taken from their website). This was by far the most interesting meal I have ever had.

We started with the cheese plate but it wasn't really a cheese plate... because there is no diary. It was created out of nuts. Now, I am not a lover of cheeses. I just don't get it... my palate has no taste for it. But I did like the "nut" cheese dish. The three flavors had a tangy taste to me but also sweet... I don't know, it just worked. Too bad all cheese plates aren't like this one!

Nut cheese... the way to go!

My main course was sweet corn and cashew tamales with chili spiced portabella. It was definitley different. It looked really good when it was presented before me. I was quite excited... the first bite was a little suprising. It was cold. I guess it didn't really register that it wouldn't be warm. That was pretty hard to get use to... it just didn't sit right with me. Wasn't my favorite...

It was pretty... wish it tasted better

We finished up by splitting sundaes. But, like I said before it's not your typical sundaes. No dairy. I'm still not sure how they created it but it was simply heaven. I had no idea all the ingredients we were eating but I knew it tasted amazing!

Overall, a great experience. Not sure it's necessarily my thing but it is always great to get out a try something new and I experienced it with some great girls!

Next we headed over to Sullivan Hall to listen to MBA Jam. Jen's finance, Joel, plays in the band. I met up with Nick at the bar and hung out until they went on stage.

The girls!

It was packed! I mean there were so many people that we were shoulder to shoulder. It was craziness and it only got crazier when MBA Jam went on stage. They were amazing! They played a lot of 90's and 80's music. We stayed until they took a break and then headed home... it was 12:30am and I had work in the morning.

MBA Jam!

We headed out to catch a cab and came across this couple who were in an intense argument. I think they were on something. They were really yelling at one another and the woman was starting to get even more irate. As we were coming up to them she punched him! In the face! And right before we were going to pass him she threw her burrito at him which sent food flying everywhere. I looked at Nick and realized some of the food hit his shoulder and left a mark... I think it was sour cream. It was too funny! We just looked at each other and started laughing. We are hardly ever out this late and I guess this is what you can expect on the streets of NYC late at night!

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