“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” - Jawaharal Nehru

Friday, February 24, 2012

Celebrities and Royalty

My job can be pretty fun and interesting... lots of important people in and out of the office. High powered finance men/women, fashion industry gurus, and of course some celebrities and royalty.

As of lately we have had quite the showing of "important" people. Obviously I can't mention any names (BIG violation of HIPPA)!

I was first introduced to meeting celebrities at my job in Dallas. I always thought I would be really nervous and get tongue-tied. Surprisingly that didn't happen. They really are just normal people. 99% of the time they are the most friendly people around. Trust me, I have met regular people who are way nastier and more impatient.

Last Friday we had a VIP patient (as we like to call them). This patient was FANTASTIC! I loved every minute spent in the room. Very nice and incredibly funny... Probably one of my favorite VIP patients to date!

I know this post would be a lot more interesting if I could divulge the name but sadly that will not happen. Maybe when I'm old and gray and looking back I can finally tell my stories!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Oh, Valentine's Day... I use to think it was such a special holiday. You know, get all dressed up, have an expensive dinner, and exchange romantic gifts. I'm past that now. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy the holiday but I don't feel it's necessary to do all that elaborate "stuff." You should appreciate and tell your special someone you love them everyday. It shouldn't just be this day.

I much prefer a simple card (I don't need presents - who would have thought!) and having a nice, chill night with the hubby. Nick and I decided to stay in and cook dinner/watch a movie. It was the perfect night.

Our meal consisted of a bottle of red wine, fresh garden salad, macaroni and cheese, peppercorn filet mignon, and scallops. It.Was.Delicious. I don't think we have ever made a meal that we enjoyed as much as this one. And to make it even better it was super easy... ready in less than 20 minutes! You really can't beat that. Oh, and don't forget dessert. I'll give you one guess... Apple pie and vanilla ice cream!

All the ingredients

Cooking in our very tiny kitchen

It was so nice to have his help... he hates to cook!

Doesn't it look delicious?! It was!

We watched Midnight in Paris while sipping our wine and savoring the wonderful food. The movie was pretty good... I think I enjoyed it more for the setting. I kept saying, "I remember that" or "I've been there." Love Pairs.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012


This past weekend Nick and I went to Killington, VT for skiing. We did this trip last year with the NYU Adventures Club. We decided to go again since this would be the only time this year we would be able to ski.

Lets be honest, it hasn't been the snowiest winter this season. Not that I'm complaining... but you need snow to ski. Lucky for everyone the ski resorts are well prepared for this sort of thing. I was made aware that they can make their own snow. So ski trip is a go!

We met down at NYU Friday night to board the bus. Now, last year the bus ride was a little painful. It took us 2 hours just go get out of the city. I was hoping for a better start this year. Surprisingly, we did make really good time. The downside? Well, there was a lot more loud, obnoxious, wasted students this time. Now, don't get me wrong... I am all for having a good time. But this was just over the top. There was this one girl in particular who was screaming the whole time... her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. She was screaming profanities (I simply cannot write what she said... it's that bad). By the time we pulled into the condo I wanted to kill her. Kill.Her.

It was 1am by the time we finally laid our heads down on the bed. We had to wake up at 8am the next morning to start skiing. 8am came very quickly! It was a really nice day outside. The weather could not have been better. We picked up our equipment and hit the slopes.

The only downside... since it hasn't really snowed the conditions were more icy than last year. The ice scared me a little... it made it more difficult and you went faster. I was practically wedging the whole time! We really only did "greens"... I wasn't comfortable with anything harder than that. It was a great day of skiing and my muscles were so sore once we finished.

After skiing we headed to the hot tub for a little while. That helped with the sore muscles. Later a few of us headed out to dinner at a local restaurant. The food was nice... they had an all you can eat bread, salad, and soup bar! After dinner we went to the local bar, Pickel Barrel, and hung out for a bit. We didn't stay too long. I was exhausted and we had another early morning.

Sunday was a very different day from Saturday. A cold front came through Saturday night and plummeted the temperatures. I woke up to my weather-bug telling me it was 1 degrees outside with a actual feel of below 14!

I only did a few slopes and had to come in. I felt like every part of my body was frozen. It was miserable. I sat in the lodge and had a very delicious hot chocolate. Nick did a few more runs and then came in. At that point I decided I was much more a warmer climate kind of girl. Put me anywhere with a warmer climate and that's my kind of vacation!

The bus headed back around 3pm and we actually made really good time. We arrived back in the city at 8pm and Nick and I were in our apartment at 8:30. I can't tell you how glad we were to be back home. We showered and watched some of the Grammy Awards before we completely passed out!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giants = Superbowl Champs

Superbowl Weekend! I was not all that excited about the game... more so the commercials and Madonna's halftime show.

First up, Friday night. Nick and I met Chris and Niki at Butter for dinner. It was the last week of restaurant week and we had heard Butter was a great. We had a great time with Chris and Niki! I thought the food was good... not the best I've had but definitely not the worst. We decided to head home after dinner... Nick and been in class all day and would be in class from 9-4 Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I went to workout at this class called Athlete Trainer. I have been trying to workout and eat better... After a couple of classes earlier in the week I was pretty sore. But, I decided to push through it. This class was hard... really hard. I thought I might die halfway through! The instructor was a maniac! In the end I made it and my muscles were screaming at me.

I met up with my dear friend Jenienne for lunch at Via. Love this place! It was great to play catch up because I hadn't seen her in a while. She was my first friend in NYC and I love her!

Melissa, one of my friends from back home, was in the city for the weekend. She stopped by the apartment after the race she ran in the morning. I hadn't seen her in a few years so it was great to catch up! We also talked about our 10 year high school reunion... that's just crazy to me!

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday! Nick was in class again until 4 pm. We had plans to head over to Jenienne's but Nick had to stay at school a little later and by the time he got home we decided to stay in. The game was pretty entertaining and I thought the commercials were pretty good. I half payed attention... I was reading. Madonna's halftime show was entertaining... however, it did appear to me she had a difficult time walking/dancing in those boots. I don't know if the floor was slippery or what but it was quite awkward at times.

Sorry no pictures this time. Next weekend we head to Killington, VT again for a ski trip. So there definitely should be some pictures with that post!