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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Festivities

Oh how I love Halloween! Scary movies, ghost stories, costumes, candy... what can be better than that!

Nick took me out to lunch on Friday since Dr. Airan was out. It was really nice to get out of the office for a little while. We went to Via Quadronnon around the corner. It is this cute, tiny restaurant that serves the freshest food! I am in love with their Caprese open faced sandwich. Bread, basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella. Delicious!

Afterwords Nick and I had some of the richest hot chocolate I have ever had. I love hot chocolate but I prefer the lesser intense versions. It was just too much chocolate for me. However, it did warm me up. On the way back to the office we noticed quite a lot of paparazzi and film equipment. We moved a little closer and realized filming of Gossip Girl was taking place. Yes, I do watch the show. Unfortunately I didn't see any main characters but did catch a scene being filmed. It would have been great to see one of the main characters though... maybe next time!

Always filming something on the streets of NYC...

Later that night we went to the Garage with Nick's Block 2 NYU group. The restaurant had a really nice vibe to it. They had a band playing in the background (drums and all)! It was a little loud but not too bad. They even decorated for Halloween which I loved! The food was so-so. I had the Asian inspired salmon and Nick had the lobster ravioli. Nick's was way better than mine. I have definitely had better.

The band

After dinner we went down the street for some dessert... crepes! It was such a cute cafe. I imagined Nick and I were back on the streets of Pairs. Oh memories! I had the apple and cinnamon and Nick had the banana and nutella. Add a side of hot chocolate and it was the perfect end to the evening.


We got home just in time to see the Rangers lose the World Series. Sad. They had it in Game 6 and just lost it. That's now 2 years they haven't won... hopefully third time is a charm.

Saturday was an anomaly. Everyone in the city kept hearing about the "snowstorm" that was going to hit. I didn't believe it... or I didn't want to believe it. I mean, it's not even November yet! It's just not right.

I woke up around 8am and it was pretty gray and misty outside. About an hour or so later the snow started to fall. And I don't mean it started to fall lightly... they were really large flakes coming down hard. Add in the 40+ gusts and it was practically a winter wonderland! I had to run some errands (yes, I know...I should have stayed snuggled up in my apartment) so I bundled up and braved the weather. It was quite cold... the wind was the worst part though. Luckily I didn't have too far to go so I wasn't out too long.

The view from our apartment... I know it doesn't look like a lot of snow but it was.

Nick and I relaxed the rest of the day until we had to get ready for a Halloween party we were attending. We decided it would be nice to bring some party favors. We found this awesome Halloween desert we could bring. And it was easy... bonus! All we needed was some brownie mix, cookies, icing, candy corn, oreos, and gummy worms (our addition). All of that created this...

These were quite the hit!

The party was great and some people had really interesting costumes. Nick went as Where's Waldo and I was a black cat... basically I was in all black with cat ears. Simple and cheap! The party was great. A lot of drinking, snacks, and crazy costumes!

Where's Waldo and a Black Cat... who knew they would look so good together!

Sunday was a beautiful day. You would have never known it snowed for the entire day yesterday! We didn't do anything at all. I'm sure you have guessed a theme... Sunday is our day to relax and do absolutely nothing!

Monday = Halloween!!

Some lovely and very tasty Halloween cupcakes!

On the way home from work I walked past this townhouse (4 story) that was completely decked out. I mean, every inch of the townhouse was decorated. It was great. The sun was just setting and a few trick-or-treaters were out. There was a group of boys all dressed in NY Yankees gear sitting on the steps in front of the house. One little boy didn't even want to go up there because he was too scared. It was so cute!

The owners of the town house even decorated the lower area...

Yep, that zombie on the ground actually crawled all over the place!

Nick and I grabbed some dinner and watched The Walking Dead. If you haven't seen the show... it's amazing. I am hooked! It comes on Sunday night's at 9pm on AMC. Check it out!

Happy Halloween!

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