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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

There is tons to do in New York... tons. You can pay to do something or you can find a free event. And free is always nice when your husband is attending graduate school.

We decided to experience Shakespeare in the Park. It's kind of a New York staple. Something you must see. But you have to deal with the long lines. Tickets are not handed out until 1pm but people start lining up around 6am or earlier. We definitely didn't plan to wake up that early. We strolled into the park around 11:15 and the line was already crazy long... probably a good 500 people in front of us.

We really didn't have anything else going on so we decided to stick it out. Nick got us lunch from Lenny's and we just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather NYC is having. We met a really nice guy who was visiting from Calgary. We talked with him the majority of the time and that helped past the time.

Soon enough the line started to move. I wasn't sure we were going to make it. There are only two tickets per person allowed but there were plenty of people ahead of us. We get to the front and the lady hands us our two tickets and right as we step out of the way we hear, "Only single tickets left - seats are not together." Can you believe that? We got the last two tickets seated together! It was great! We were so excited. It would have been so disappointing to wait for 2 hours and not even get to sit together.

After that we grabbed a nice waffle snack in the park. Drizzled with nutella! Yum!


Later that night we grabbed dinner at Nonna in the UWS. It was a cute Italian restaurant. We sat outside and and some drinks and a wonderful meal. After that we headed to the Delcorte Theater where the play was being held.

This was the glass my wine came in... pretty funny. Not your typical wine glass. It made me want to take large gulps instead of drink at a leisurely pace!

Measure for Measure was the play we were seeing. This was my first Shakespeare play (if you don't include high school and I am not). It was so good! It was unbelievable how those actors learn the Shakespearean lines. Even though it was difficult to understand at times we were able to keep up. It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed something that is quintessentially New York City.

Today I went for my first bike ride with Nick. I am trying to decide if this would be something I would enjoy. I had a really great time. So much better than running! It's definitely going to take some time to build up my lungs and leg strength but I think it's worth it. Great exercise and a activity Nick and I can do together.

Side note: I saw two famous people this weekend... well, one famous and one who is a TV personality.

First, Spike Lee. Yep, I was walking down Madison Ave around 8ish and there he was. He was all by himself and he walked right past me. Pretty cool.

Second, Ross Mathews. He's been on Jay Leno and Celebrity Fit Club and he can be regularly seen hosting pre-award shows. He was walking out of Central Park when Nick and I headed into the park.

Pretty awesome!

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