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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation Part 1: The Big D

Nick and I headed back to the Big D... Dallas. It was hard to believe we hadn't been back home since we left last August.

It was so nice to be home. We stepped off the plan and were greeted by the hot Texas weather. Love. My mom picked us up and what was our first meal? Chick-fil-A. Sooo good! Nick and I were in heaven!

Later that night we went to our local neighborhood Mexican restaurant...Anamia's with my parents, Evan, Mike and Sandy. Hello Mexican food! And what did we get? Oh yeah, fajitas! It was so good. I knew I missed Tex-Mex food but I didn't realize how much until I took that first bite. Delicious.

The next day we drove to Houston with Mike (Nick's dad) to see our new nephew, Jacob. It would be a quick trip... drive down in the morning and come back at night. We had a great time with Laura (Nick's step-sister). Jacob was two weeks old and was the cutest little guy. He was so quiet too. He slept the whole time we were there. We just passed him between the two of us. Definitely gave me a little baby fever but not enough to want one anytime soon! We met up with Nick's other sister, Cerise, and her family for dinner. Hello, Pappasito's. Nick and I are going for a record!


So precious!

Friday was an interesting day. Nick and I saw our old trainer, Johnny! Oh how I missed him and surprisingly his workouts! Then I went to my old middle school. Coppell Middle School East. My brother, Evan, is starting 6th grade in August. On a side note: can you believe he is going to be in 6th grade. No, I can't. It makes me feel old. And what makes me feel even older? My old high school basketball coach is now the principle of Coppell Middle School East. Crazy! So I went up to the middle school and saw Coach, or now Principle Springer. It was 1) so crazy to be in that lunchroom and 2) to see her so many years later! Just really makes you realize how fast time goes by.

Later that night we went to Frisco and spent some time with Nick's mom, Karen. We had a nice relaxing night and some more yummy Mexican food. Hello, Uncle Julio's. It was just really nice to relax at home for a little while... we had been on the run for the last two days.

Saturday we had lunch with our very close friends from McKinney plus their two cute daughters. And where did we have lunch. Yep, La Hacienda Ranch... Mexican. It was so great to see them. We missed them so very much. I couldn't believe how big Andi and Claire had gotten. It was actually the first time we had seen Claire...she was born shortly after we left Dallas. They are such close friends and we miss them terribly!

So cute... doesn't Claire look like she could be ours!

The boys!

The group! Love them!

That night I met up with my old boss, Adean. Oh, I missed her so much! If I could have stayed in Dallas I would have retired with her. She is the best person and most amazing boss anyone could have. I love her! We met at Taverna. A cute Italian restaurant... I know, not Mexican! It was so great to catch up with her and hear all her crazy stories. I missed that a lot.

Sunday, our last day in Dallas, was spent with my parents and Evan. We watched Evan play in his championship soccer game. He lost but it was so close. And he played a great game... had some awesome saves at goalie. Afterwards we went and saw Thor. I didn't quite know what to expect but I really liked it. I kept telling Nick, "wouldn't it be awesome if another galaxy like that really existed." Hah! And where did we go to lunch... one of the last places on our list... OTB. On. The. Border. Love it! I really think I could survive on chips, salsa, and queso.

It's funny... Nick kinda of looks like our brother. All that dark hair!

Later that night we enjoyed hanging out in the TV room and having a home cooked meal. It was so nice to be back home and with family and friends. Nick and I both agreed that it didn't need to be another 10 months before we came back. It's home. Nothing more important than home.

Next up: Vacation Part 2: Belize!

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