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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Canon Digital SLR

Nick and I bought a camera this week. It's oh so very pretty. It's a new adventure... all those buttons to figure out. I'm in love. And so is Nick.

Nick was somewhat resistant to the idea at first. We both have a tendency to jump in feet first with new hobbies and then a couple of months later the excitement fizzles out. But I maintanied the excitement of taking pictures and really wanting to learn. Nick also got excited about the idea as well. He thought it would be a good investment (that's my husband!) and fun to take really cool pictures on all the trips we have planned. So he finally broke down and we bought one!

I'm so very excited. Super excited!

Friday I met Nick for lunch and we had a picnic in Central Park and tested out our new camera. So much fun! I mean, we pretty much new the basics of the camera at this point. But you wouldn't know that if you saw us. We were getting pretty professional/artsy with the pictures. Nick even said at one point, "I feel like people are going to be judging us based on the photos we take."

I mean we tried anything... One picture we were trying to shoot through this brick opening looking out into a fountain. We both were practically laying on the ground trying to get this photo. But isn't that the point? To learn.

Enjoy some of the pictures we took. Central Park is really pretty - the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are gorgeous!

Friday night we had a chance to play with the camera some more. We had tickets to our first Yankees game. Who were they playing? Texas Rangers! Coincidence? I think not.

We went with some friends and had a great time. Granted, it was freaking cold. Freakishly cold! It was not suppose to be like that at all. But, being the well prepared woman I am - I brought a blanket. Which I did catch some comments from Nick about. But, as Nick and I are sitting there under the blanket he says to me... "Good call on the blanket, babe."

Nick and I had a great time playing with the sports button on the camera. It takes continuous shots if you just hold down the button. We got some really neat pictures with that feature.

The Rangers WON! Awesome. It was a great night. But I sure did love coming home to a warm apartment!

Enjoy the pictures!!

The Group!

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