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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I turned 27 on Thursday April 7th. For some reason the sound of "27" had a different ring. I'm not bothered by being 27... it just sounds different.

But, I really didn't focus on that too long because Thursday morning I had the best surprise birthday gift!

It started off as a normal work day. Nick and I were getting ready for work and eating breakfast. I see him holding his phone standing next to the buzzer on our wall (to ring people in). I'm like...

Me: What are you doing?
Nick: Oh, nothing. Just being stupid - don't want to explain it.

So I let it go. A minute later the door bell rings. He's all smiles... so then I start to think well maybe he sent flowers or a singing telegram. Not sure why that popped into my head. Nick would never do something like that (singing telegram). So I open the door and see no one....

A second later I see Evan's head... followed by my mom and dad. I was shocked. Shocked. I had no idea at all. It was AMAZING. And I was quite proud that Nick was able to keep it a secret for so long.

So my birthday day started off great!

The girls at work got me an apple pie! They know me to well. Apple pie all the way. They put candles in it and sang Happy Birthday. Best girls ever!

Yummy apple pie!

Nicole, Me, and Tamara (otherwise known as Ta-Ta to me)

And the weekend continued to be great.

We went to a lovely Italian restaurant that Nick picked out on Thursday night. And just kind of relaxed after that. Yummy!

At the Italian restaurant!

Friday consisted of the Grey line bus tour. It's basically a red double-decker bus that takes you all the way through downtown (or other areas of Manhattan). You can hop off and on at any of the stops. I think everyone loved it.

Evan at Battery Park! Isn't he the cutest?!

We stopped at the Empire State Building stop and took the elevator ride up. I was quite proud of myself. This is on my bucket list (Nick and I created bucket lists - I recommend doing that). For any of those who know me... they know I am not fond of elevators going up multiple stories. I gripped Nick's hand pretty hard in the elevator... but I did it. The view was really impressive. I think dad really enjoyed that.

Me and Nick at the top!

One cool part about the Empire State building is that while we were waiting to go up the head guy operating the elevators explained that we would be stopping for just a minute because Michael J. Fox was coming back down. Apparently he was at the top doing a interview. The building was going to be lit orange and white to help promote awareness about Parkinson's disease. I snapped a pretty good picture of him as he was getting off the elevator. Who doesn't love a celebrity sighting?

Michael J. Fox!!

Saturday was spent at the Museum of Natural History. I had been there once before but it's such a great museum. Evan was all about seeing Dum Dum from Night at the Museum. I thought the planetarium show was great. I find space fascinating. There was a exhibit on meteorites and minerals - dad loved that. Him being a geologist and all!

Saturday was such a nice day that I took them through Central Park. Just gorgeous day. Evan was captivated by the street performers. I think he could have watched them ALL day.

Some of the street performers at the park!

Saturday night we saw the Broadway show American Idiot. I didn't know quite what to expect but the show turned out to be great. Just amazing. It was actually the last weekend that Billy Joel Armstrong (lead singer of Green Day) was going to be in it. Green Day has never been a favorite band of mine. I know some of their songs. I was blown away by all of the songs I didn't know. And it turned out I loved them. Just really good music and songwriting. So, all that being said... definitely recommend the show.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. Their flight left around 3 so we just hung out. We ate breakfast at EJ's Kitchenette. One of our favorite places for breakfast. We actually ate there Saturday morning as well. It's a spot that Nick and I found when mom was in town in September. Love their regular and crunchy french toast!

So my birthday weekend was a huge success. I loved every minute of it. So thankful that the parents and Evan were able to come up. It just made everything that more special.

Now I am already counting down the days until we go home to Dallas in May and followed by our week in Belize! Can't wait!

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