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Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrity Sighting... Sort Of

So I was walking home from work Wednesday night. Minding my own business and walking my normal route. I realized as I got closer to Lexington and 61st that something was up.

There were tons of police officers. They had the entire length (as far as I could see) of 61st street barricaded off. Normally I continue walking up Lexington to 63rd. Well it was a really nice day and I was interested in what was going on so I decided to walk along 61st.

I was tempted to ask the police officers what all the hype was about.... But I didn't want to be one of those "people." As I was walking I overheard someone say President Obama was in town and would be driving by soon.

Since it was such a nice day and I have never seen the presidents motorcade go by, I decided to stay.

There weren't too many people waiting. It was about 5:30 in the evening and most people were just getting off work. As I was waiting I thought back to when I actually did meet a President of the United States.

I was fortunate enough to meet President George W. Bush at my prior job. It was about a year after he left office. He was extremely warm and very personable. He took time to speak to everyone. I even had a little chat with him once he realized my first name. Jenna Wells / Jenna Bush. We discussed how my parents and him and his wife decided on that name.

The time finally came for President Obama. Lots and lots of police on bikes came first, followed by police cars, followed by police vans. Not to mention all the cops and cop cars that were lined up along 61st street.

Then came all the secret service. At that point I was thinking... if I looked up would I see snipers on the tops of these buildings?! No such luck!

Finally the car that was carrying Obama. Windows were up and they are really tinted so I couldn't see anything but I got a picture of the car.

All in all... pretty cool experience. Not sure I would wait around if I came across the same scenario again. Unless I got a chance to actually see him. But still pretty cool.

Before all the chaos

The start of a lot of bikes, cars, and vans!

President Obama's car... I liked the flags!

Thursday night I met up with some girls with the NYU Partner's Club. Last week Nick and I attended a french wine tasting event at NYU and I met Kyle and Ashley... a married couple from California (oh, how I am envious of California's weather). She's part of partner's club which is basically a club that caters to the married individuals/families of NYU.

She invited me a long to a girls night they were having. I was really excited about meeting some new people. We went to a place called Otto Enoteca Pizzeria. Great wine! Pretty good food...not the best pizza I've had in the city but not the worse either.

It was really great to meet everyone! Shout out to Julie, Jennifer, Amber, and Ariane. It was really great to just hang out and talk girl stuff. All of them were so sweet and I definitely think we have a lot in common.

Already looking forward to next Thursday night for another get-together!

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