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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinner and a Show

Nick and I needed a break from everything. He has been extremely busy with school. Non-stop. I don't have quite the schedule as he does but I could go for some fun. So fun is what we had.

The New York City Auto Show started on Friday. For anyone who knows Nick they know he is a car enthusiast. He has been into cars since the day I met him. So naturally with us having been together for almost 10 years (Wow, can I just take a second at that sentence. 10 years! Crazy). his knowledge and enthusiasm for cars has rubbed off onto me.

I can appreciate the style and horsepower that a car has to offer. I know my Ferrari's from my Porsche from my Lotus from my Lamborghini from my Mercedes from my BMW's and on and on and on (and most of the time I don't need to look at the symbol on the car).

So needless to say - I had a good time as well. So enough talking and enjoy the pictures!

Look at all those colors! Ugly car - but pretty cool design!

This was one of my favs! Doesn't it make you think Back to the Future? But, much nicer!

Aston Martin... SEXY! I definitely would take one of these. It was one of Nick's favorites.

Heaven for him! He is sitting in a Porsche Carrera GTS.

Vroom! Vroom!

Rolls Royce. Enough said.

The last part we saw was the antique car collections. We liked this one because it was in Top Gear. And if you don't know what Top Gear is I recommend you check it out on BBC. It's three hilarious British guys doing some crazy things to cars!

Later that night I surprised Nick with dinner reservations. We went to the Hurricane Club. It's my new favorite restaurant in NYC.

Dinner was amazing! We ate way too much and loved every minute of it. I took a few pictures at the beginning and then got distracted by the yummy food and forgot to take out my camera.

I even took a shot. Well, what they considered a shot. Take a look...

The shots came in a carved out lime. Sooooo good!

A look inside the restaurant.

Our appetizer. Mahi Mahi with 6 different sauces to try. The sauces were placed in hand made wood cigar cases made by the chefs. It. Was. Mouthwatering.

It was a great day. Great. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

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