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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random Things

I've been a little neglectful with our lovely blog.... forgive me.

Here are some random things that have taken place over the last couple of weeks.

1) A couple of weeks ago we headed over to Mike and Jenienne's for some fajitas and the European soccer match. It's always a fun time over there. And, never forget the large amounts of alcohol consumed. Mike yelling, "One more shot!" It was during this that Nick has now become "Mr. Nick Wells." Don't ask me how it got started but it stuck the whole night. It was funny.

2) While walking home from work one day I decided to divert from my normal route of walking down Madison. Because of this I was greeted with one of the most crazy things I've seen since moving to the city. What you ask would be so crazy? Oh, just a woman, my age, walking down the street completely topless. No bra... no shirt... nothing! She only had jeans and flip flops on. I couldn't figure it out. Was she actually certifiably crazy? Did she lose a bet? What? All I know she created quite the spectacle along third avenue. Only in NYC!

3) I met Nick for dinner one Friday night after work. It's become our routine since we don't see much of each other during the week. I found this place down in West Village close to the Hudson called Malatesta Trattria... traditional Italian food. Yes, please. It was this really cute indoor/outdoor restaurant. The food was really tasty and we had a great time just catching up.


4) We relaxed along the Hudson one night... it was hot. New York has been in the midst of a heat wave. Now, I am from Texas... I can handle the heat. But the humidity not sure much. It's just so oppressive... it's awful. I much prefer the dry heat of Texas.

New Jersey in the background

Lower downtown Manhattan

5) Fourth of July! Another hot one too. I have to say I am not a fan of the 4th being on a Wednesday. It threw my whole week off... who wants to go back to work after celebrating the 4th? Not me.

Nick and I spent the day relaxing. We thought about going to the beach but we knew it would be really crowded. I much prefer our first trip to the beach to be a little more calm. We had brunch at Alice's Tea Cup... think Alice in Wonderland attire/decor. The brunch was delicious. I had the smoked salmon over a scone... poached eggs, buttermilk scone with hollandaise sauce. Nick had the traditional eggs benedict.

We ordered some cake to-go and headed to the park to relax. It was a little warm but we found a nice, quiet spot under a tree. It was peaceful!

Later in the night we cooked some shrimp quesidallas and watched the fireworks on TV. I know... I know... we live in New York City and we don't get out to see the fireworks. 1) I repeat... it was a Wednesday and we had work the next day 2) it's crowded... and I mean painfully crowded 3) it's just as nice on TV! I did some research and in 2014 the 4th of July is on a Friday. If we are still here that year we will be sure to attend!

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