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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goodbye Coppell

July 24, 2012 marked the day my family said goodbye to Coppell. It's a sad day for me.

I grew up in Coppell or what my friends and I like to call "the bubble." Because that's what it was... a bubble. My parents and I moved to Coppell when I was 5 years old. It's a great community 20 minutes outside of downtown Dallas. It's home and will always be home to me.

It holds so many memories for me. Here's a few off the top of my head:

  • Starting kindergarten at Lee Elementary. It's where I met my first friend, Lauren Johnson, and I am happy to say we are still friends 23 years later. I think... and I'm sure Lauren can correct we if I'm wrong but we met over chocolate chip cookies. Cookies! 
  •  Performing a dance with three other friends (I believe Lauren and Lauren were both part of it) at our second grade talent show. Not sure how that happened since I was pretty shy. I must have been conveniced somehow... 
  •  Saturday mornings with my mom. We would get donuts at Donut Palace (Best.Donuts.Ever.) and then drive to the Galleria for my ice skating lessons. 
  •  Moving right before fifth grade started. Hello, Mockingbird Elementary. I was not happy about moving in my last year of elementary school. I thought life was so hard back then...
  •  My first crush was in 5th grade... I thought he was the coolest thing ever! I think he even gave me my first kiss on the cheek.  
  •  The joys of middle school. Thinking we were so cool back then. Ha! My introduction into school sports. I didn't really play before middle school. I did more of the ice skating and horse back riding. But, once I hit 7th grade I was in love with the athletics program. Volleyball, basketball, track... loved it all! 
  •  Girl time and lots of sleep overs! I was thankful my parents were willing to let me invite friends over for some fun!
  •  Girl Scouts... same troop from daisies to seniors. I remember once we hit middle school/high school a lot of us were embarrassed to still be in Girl Scouts. But I'm so proud of it now. It taught me a lot and we had great leaders. Also, we received the Gold Award which is the highest honor you can receive in Girl Scouts.  
  •  High School! Oh the joys and drama of high school. It was some of the best four years of my life. I know a lot of people say high school was the worst period of their life. But it wasn't for me. I'm not sure if it was our class, my friends, or my involvement but I loved it. Don't get me wrong... there was the normal high school drama but I had a great time.
  •  Sports and more sports! Volleyball, basketball, track, and one year of softball (not my decision). Games during the week and tournaments on Saturdays. Tearing my ACL in the middle of the Southlake basketball  game... which hurt like hell. I remember seeing my dad jumping over the stands and running to the court. 
  •  Turning 16 and getting my license. My dad had always said I would get a "reasonable and safe car" but he knew how much I wanted a sports car. And sure enough I got one. A 1995 Black Mustang. I was in love. I went out to Olive Garden with my parents and two friends, Lauren and Lauren. Afterwards us girls (I was the first one to get my license) went to the movies. I was so excited about being able to drive. Halfway through the drive cars kept flashing their lights at me. I couldn't figure out why but soon realized I was driving without my lights on!
  •  Having to call my dad at midnight because I had two flat tires. How did I get two flat tires on the same side? I was messing with the radio and hit the curb. I told my dad I swerved to miss hitting a dog. I'm pretty sure he didn't buy it but he didn't say anything.
  •  7-11... the hangout in Coppell (during my time... I'm sure that's changed now).
  •  Evan being born. I was an only child until I was 16 and then poof... another sibling. It was quite the change but as soon as he was born I was in love. I loved babysitting him... my parents friends and my friends just loved him. He was a huge hit at school functions!
  •  Meeting the love of my life. Nick and I met junior year of high school and started dating right before senior year. Not many people are fortunate to meet "the one" at such a young age. I am so lucky to have seen him grow from a boy into the driven, caring, intelligent man he is today. We've grown so much together and I can't ever imagine my life without him.
  •  Senior overalls... making them at Lauren's house with Melissa. That was a lot of fun! Oh and mums!!
  •  Football games! You can't live in Texas without loving football games. I was there every Friday night cheering on the Coppell Cowboys.
  •  Wash your car Sundays... not sure how this even came about but every Sunday I would meet with Lauren and Melissa and we would wash our cars at the local car wash.
  •  Weekends at the lake and on the boat!
  •  Holidays... Christmas is my favorite holiday. Helping my mom and dad decorate the outside/inside. I loved every minute of it. Still do.
That's a very short list. There are many more. It's hard to believe my parents and Evan are no longer there. It's not going to be the quite the same. No familiar drive down Bethel School Road to the house. Our 10 year reunion is coming up this September and it's going to be great to see everyone but also bittersweet because it's no longer where my family is

Coppell will always be home and I cherish the childhood I had there. 

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  1. BAAAAAAAAH! this makes me SO sad. but these memories make me smile lots. i will forever associate this house with you and our childhood my friend. coppell will miss the Bowman's!