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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cooperstown, NY

Last weekend Nick and I took a drive upstate to Cooperstown, NY. My parents and Evan were there for Evan's week long baseball tournament.

When we originally talked about this trip we discussed renting the "cheapest" rental car we could find. I had been hearing constantly for the last couple of weeks how we needed to maintain a budget and start saving more. Nick kept reminding me of our London trip, loans to pay off for graduate school, and just overall saving now that we had two incomes again. So when it came time to rent I received a quote for a relatively inexpensive Camry.

So, how did we end up with a 2012 GT Mustang? Nick booked the car. Now, I am not complaining but I did inform Nick the next time I wanted to spend money on a purse, clothes, or whatever it may be I will be reminding him of this choice.

We left early Saturday morning in our sleek, blue Mustang. It.Was.Awesome. I loved that car and Nick had a awesome time driving. Especially when our drive took us on the back roads of upstate New York... 50mph around narrow country roads. He was in heaven for three hours!

Our beautiful and fast rental car!

Cooperstown, NY is nestled in the hills of upstate New York. It is absolutely gorgeous. I can't tell you how nice it was to be out of the city. Unless you have lived somewhere to similar to NYC you forget the absolute peace you feel from green trees, open spaces, and just the quiet.

It was absolutely gorgeous there. I loved how peaceful it was. 


Playing in the water!

My mom had booked Nick and I at the cutest B&B. Evan was booked all day with his baseball team so the four of us walked around the town square that held a mid-day parade and then watched a Baseball Hall of Fame game. Now, I love watching Evan play baseball. Other than that I'm not a huge fan of baseball. I find it boring.

The parents and Nick

Some Hall of Fame guy - I should know the name but like I said... not the biggest baseball fan.

Saturday afternoon the Dreams Park (where the tournament was being held) had a welcoming ceremony for the parents and players. It was the normal speeches, introductions, and parade of all the teams participating. We sat in the main stadium and it was unbelievably hot. I mean hot! I could feel my skin cooking (which is not the best thing for a dermatology nurse).

Now, I was a little taken aback by the main speech. It was made by the owner of the park. To be honest, I was slightly offended. It was too political for my taste. I mean, this is a boys baseball tournament. We don't need to hear how the "liberals" are ruining the country. Or how this is only a American baseball park and other teams can "go somewhere else." It wasn't only what he said but the tone he used as well. It definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

Skydiver with the American flag

Once the ceremony was over Nick, myself, and my parents went to dinner and then headed back to the B&B to rest for the two baseball games tomorrow.

It was great watching Evan play... I can't even begin to tell you how old I feel when I am around him. He is a young man... he has grown so much since I last saw him. He is basically as tall as I am. It feels like just yesterday I was watching him learn to walk or say his first words. As you get older you realize just how fast time goes.

 Look at him! He is getting so big!

Unfortunately they didn't win their two games (I am happy to say they have won two since Sunday). They played really well though... Evan did great on first base.

Sunday was also Father's Day so it was really nice to be able to spend it with Dad. We normally aren't home for those events so it was nice to celebrate together!

Nick and I were both really happy we were able to see my parents and see Evan play. It was a perfect setting for a baseball tournament. We enjoyed every minute of it... it just went by too fast!

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