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Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy Weekend

After work last Thursday I went to Jenienne's apartment for a Stella and Co. party. I've become interested in jewelry lately. I mean heels, jeans, simple shirt, and a statement necklace/earrings is a great outfit. So I was super excited about attending this party. Not to mention Jenienne has an amazing apartment!

The person who was throwing the Stella and Co. party was Jenna... I'm always surprised when I meet another Jenna. It doesn't happen often. She was fantastic and the jewelry she brought was gorgeous. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted but ended up with some beautiful earrings, necklace, and bracelet. I had Nick's graduation in mind so now my outfit is complete!

I wished I could have stayed longer but I had dinner plans with the NYU girls. It was the first time since last Fall that we all were able to get together.... it was also the last. I'm extremely sad about this. I love our happy hours, dinners, weekend trips we were all a part of. It's extremely difficult when you move to a whole other world and I say "world" because there is no other place quite like New York City. It can really beat you down and you need some amazing friends to keep you sane especially when your husband is too busy with class, interviews, and internships.

We met at Mercadito in the West Village and had a delicious Mexican meal. I ordered the shrimp tacos and it was a great choice. We talked and caught up on what everyone has been doing and future plans. I am sad to say that Jen and Ariane will be leaving us. I am really going to miss those two. It's a great group of amazing, intelligent, and caring women... and that's hard to find in the city.  Jen and Ariane, I expect a lot of trips back to the city to visit!

Love these girls!

Friday night Nick and I had a date night. He met me at the office and we walked across Central Park to Luke's Lobster, Seriously, we love this place. However, I think the location on the Upper East Side is a lot better than the Upper West. Afterwords we headed to the theater because we had purchased tickets to see The Avengers.

Let me tell you about the craziness we experienced! Our movie was for 8:20pm (we had already purchased tickets online). We decided to head over in that direction and walk around a bit. That's not what happened. There was already a line around the block for the 8:20pm movie... and these people had tickets! We couldn't believe it. So what else was there to do but get in line and wait for 45min. Note to self - never again see a movie opening night... I forgot how awful it is.

The movie was really great. I didn't have a lot of expectations going in but I came out thoroughly entertained. I wasn't just entertained by the movie but Nick and I had a few good laughs because of the people who were in the theater. There were some die hard fans. I can't remember the last time I saw people screaming, jumping in their seats, and clapping at practically every scene. It was hilarious

Saturday held two festivities...Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby! We met up with Nikki, Chris, Anik at El Rio Grande for some good ole Tex Mex food. Chips, guacamole, queso, fajitas, and margaritas makes for a delicious Cinco de Mayo lunch. We arrived right when the restaurant opened at 12pm and when we left it was just starting to get packed. I can only imagine what that place looked like later on into the afternoon.

We ran a few errands after lunch and then headed back to the apartment to get ready for the Kentucky Derby party. I had bought a hat that morning - it will now be the hat a wear to every Kentucky Derby party in the future. Unless I find myself at a royal wedding anytime soon!

The party was at the Shipley's apartment... they always throw great parties! It was so festive. Juleps, little sandwiches, cupcakes and of course Kentucky Derby hats and attire. Nick and I did bet but unfortunately none of the three horses we bet on were in the top 3. It was a great afternoon with some great people.

By the time we got home we were exhausted! Sunday was pretty much a lay on the couch and watch TV day. Even though it happened to be the nicest day of the weekend we stayed in and relaxed.

Lots of events coming up with Nick's graduation a week away. It's hard to believe... and then to London!

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