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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

The Big 2-8! Last Saturday was my birthday. Nick and I had a amazing day in the city. The weather was pretty perfect... a little cool but clear, blue skies.

We had brunch at EJ's Luncheonette. This is one of our favorite diners and their french toast is delicious! They make it from challah bread and it's so fresh. I had the traditional french toast and Nick ordered the crunchy. A side of scrambled eggs and cheese grits later and we were stuffed!

We walked our way through Central Park over to the West Side. The park is so pretty right now. All the flowers are blooming and people are out on the lawn enjoying the sunshine. I can't wait for the warm weather!

We made our way to the Natural Museum of History. There was a space exhibit, Beyond the Planet, that Nick and I wanted to see. We decided to do a few of the "special" exhibits that included the butterflies and creatures of light. We went to the butterfly exhibit first and this exhibit turned out to be so much better than we expected.

You could actually walk through their enclosure. There had to have been hundreds of butterflies flying around us. If you were lucky enough one might even land on you... which we were told had been termed "butterfly kissed." I was lucky enough for that to happen...right on my finger. They were pretty impressive. Some butterflies were almost translucent and neon and others were massive. I'm pretty sure I would have freaked out if one of those landed on me.

Next up was the creatures of light exhibit. We weren't too impressed with this one. It was really crowded and just didn't offer that much. So, when the time came for the space exhibit we were quite ready. The Beyond the Planet exhibit was fascinating. It started with the first introduction of the space program and Sputnik and then went to present day. The most interesting part was where future space exploration is headed. It had displays about living on Mars and all the futuristic gear/transport vehicles.

Space has always been something both Nick and I have been interested in. We have had quite a few debates on anything from the start of the universe, planets, black holes, extraterrestrial life, etc. We've talked about it all! We love astromony and after seeing the exhibit it really has made us want to go to Cherry Spring State Park in Pennsylvania. It's one of only a few parks in the US that has been certified by the International Dark Sky association. You can guarantee that there will be a post about that adventure in the near future!

Next we headed to Washington Square Park to observe, not participate in, the NYC Pillow Fight. Apparently this is a pretty big deal with cities all over the world participating. It was definitely interesting... it wasn't as big as I would have thought but we were right there at the start and it does go on for a few hours. It felt like for every one person with a pillow there were 10 people taking pictures or video recording. Just another day in the city!

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Bareburger. All grass fed animals and I have to say it was one of the best burgers either one of us have had. We sat outside with the crazy 50mph winds! It definitely made it hard to eat (also the reason I didn't take a picture).

We headed home to relax a bit before we headed to dinner at Blue Water Grill in Union Square. Dinner was really good. It was a seafood restaurant and the seafood was extremely fresh. We sat downstairs in their jazz room. They had a band playing and the whole place was lit by candlelight and low lightening. It was heaven. And we were both very full when we left.

It was a wonderful birthday day! Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and a big thank you to Nick who helped me have a wonderful day in the city!

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