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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bike Racing in New Jersey

A few things first before I get to this past weekend.

Spring cleaning! Nick and I went through our closet and got rid of everything we don't wear, everything that doesn't fit, and everything that we just didn't like anymore. What do you think happened? Yeah, our closet was pretty empty after that - more so on Nick's side. He is in desperate need of a new wardrobe now!

Nick and I went over to one of my previous physician's townhouse for a cocktail get together. I hadn't seen Dendy (aka Dr. Engelman) in a few months and it was great to catch up. They are the sweetest and best looking couple! Their townhouse is absolutely beautiful and it was great to meet some new people.

This past weekend I went with Nick to his cycling race in Princeton, NJ. If you didn't know, he is part of the NYU cycling team. It was a long but very fun two days. It started at 4:30am on Saturday morning. Yes, you heard me right... 4:30am. We had to be down on campus at 5:45am so we could leave no later than 6am. Ouch. It's never fun getting up that early. Typically they always come back that day but Nick's dad was in New Jersey so we spent the night with him at a hotel.

The ride wasn't too bad and right when we got to the race the guys had to start warming up. It was a beautiful, clear sunny day. A little cool though. There was only one race on Saturday which was the road race. This consisted of 20 hilly miles. I was really glad I was just a spectator! Nick did amazing! Finished 8th out of approximately 40 guys in his group.

Nick, Mike, and I headed to lunch after the race. Nick was in need of some calories and carbs! Afterwards we didn't have much else to do so we decided to catch a movie. There was really only one movie to see - The Hunger Games. Nick and I both read the novels and we were pretty excited to see it. Verdict? We really enjoyed it. The novels are always better but I felt it did a really good job with keeping to the integrity of the book.

We googled a place to eat for dinner - Italian (Nick wanted more carbs). We found this really cute place called La Cucina. It was delicious. The history behind it was really interesting as well. It started as a trading store (grocery store) before the Civil War. The owner now is from Italy and cooks some amazing Italian dishes. And the helpings are huge. We had bruschetta, spaghetti, and veal between the three of us. Unfortunately no dessert because we were so full! We headed home and went to sleep because it was another early morning.

We had another 5am wake up call on Sunday. Nick had two races and the first one was a time trial which was 4 1/2 miles up hill. Again, no thank you! Today was a lot colder and grey. Everyone was just praying the rain held off until the meet was finished. How did Nick do? Oh... you know, 3rd PLACE! I am so very proud of him! And Kari, the only girl in the group, finished 2nd in her group! Go NYU!

After that race the guys had about 30 minutes until the next race which was a criterium. This is a timed 25 minute race. You basically go around a loop that is a mile as fast as you can for the 25 minutes. Nick did amazing again! He won an intermediate sprint on the 5th lap, and ended up finishing 8th for the overall crit!

He did an amazing job and I am so very proud of him! Needless to say we were extremely tired when we got home Sunday afternoon. We pretty much ate dinner and went to bed! What a fun weekend!

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