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Friday, February 24, 2012

Celebrities and Royalty

My job can be pretty fun and interesting... lots of important people in and out of the office. High powered finance men/women, fashion industry gurus, and of course some celebrities and royalty.

As of lately we have had quite the showing of "important" people. Obviously I can't mention any names (BIG violation of HIPPA)!

I was first introduced to meeting celebrities at my job in Dallas. I always thought I would be really nervous and get tongue-tied. Surprisingly that didn't happen. They really are just normal people. 99% of the time they are the most friendly people around. Trust me, I have met regular people who are way nastier and more impatient.

Last Friday we had a VIP patient (as we like to call them). This patient was FANTASTIC! I loved every minute spent in the room. Very nice and incredibly funny... Probably one of my favorite VIP patients to date!

I know this post would be a lot more interesting if I could divulge the name but sadly that will not happen. Maybe when I'm old and gray and looking back I can finally tell my stories!

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