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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Weekend + Monday

This past weekend was a pretty quiet one. After our trip to Philly last weekend and a really busy work week all we wanted to do was relax!

After work on Friday I decided to do all those necessary but ohsoboring household chores. I headed to our local grocery store and stocked up for the week. After that fun adventure I came home and did laundry and cleaned. I know... what a eventful Friday night! The rest of the night Nick and I watched some TV and movies.

Saturday I met up with Amber and Jennifer on the UWS to see The Help. It really was quite good. The movie followed the book pretty well... which I always like. I also have to say there were a couple scenes that really had me teary-eyed. Definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it!

After the movie I headed to the dentist to fix a whole in my tooth. So much fun... not! I treated myself afterwords to a little shopping for some fall/winter clothes. According to Nick I had success! I only came home with three bags... that's not bad. It could have been a lot worse! Later that night we went to Luke's Lobster for dinner and had some yummy yogurt for desert!

Sunday was not just any other Sunday. It was the ten year anniversary of September 11th. I still remember what I was doing 10 years ago when I heard the first plane had hit. I had just walked into my high school - a few weeks into my senior year. It was all anyone could talk about... "did you hear?" I went to my first class and my teacher had the television on. Everyone's eyes were glued to what was unfolding before us. It was devastating and heart wrenching to watch.

We weren't able to watch for too long because the high school had received a bomb threat. All the students were escorted outside to the stadium while the bomb squad went over every inch of the school. I guess they weren't going to take any chances on a day like that. I don't even think we ended up going back into the school... we were out there for hours and by the time the all clear was given it was time to go home.

Being in the city 10 years after it happened is a unique feeling. I didn't live through that horrendous day but it is still with me like it is with everyone. The city had some terror threats for that weekend and you start to wonder... could they really attack us again? And on this date? You can only imagine the kind of security we had... increased officers, check points, etc. Nick and I watched some of the 9/11 Anniversary coverage and I found the hardest part was watching the families. To see the loss that they have suffered was heartbreaking. It's not a day that anyone will ever forget.

Sunday was also the opening of NFL football so we watched some games. The Cowboy's were the night game... good ole' Cowboys. It was looking so good and then they blew it! I really hope it's not a repeat of last season!

Yesterday was a CRAZY at work. And I mean crazy! It was just constant... I don't think I sat down at all. Luckliy I had plans later in the evening. Jenienne had been given personal cooking lessons from her husband, Mike. She invited myself and her two other friends Annie and Jamie.

Jenienne and Chef Rob

Chef Rob taught us how to make ribs, chicken wings, steak, salmon, pasta sauce, stuffed bell peppers and all sorts of yummy stuff! We drank some wine and learned the basics of cooking. It was fairly easy... I think I might be able to even re-create it.

Chicken Wings and Ribs! Yummy!

Chef Rob was.... well, he was an interesting guy. Highly passionate! He was a little "preachy" in regards to why our food is "killing" us. All the chemicals and antibodies and so forth. Which I definitely believe in learning about that but it came across too strong. It made it sound like his way of thinking was the only right way to think. And I'm not a fan of that.

Overall though... great night! And now Nick is expecting me to make everything I learned to cook! Hah!

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