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Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday Fun

This Saturday I spent with my dear friend Lauren. I think I've mentioned her before.... known since Kindergarten!

We made plans to see Something Borrowed and have some brunch afterwords.

The movie was too cute! I mean who doesn't love girly, romantic movies? I know I do! Lauren had read the book and said there were a few things that were different but not too much. I might have to read it now!

After the movie we walked up to Isabelle's. This was actually one of the first restaurants Nick and I ate at when we had our first visit to NYC. Lauren took us there after playing around at the Natural Museum of Natural History.

It was a really nice day so we were seated on the patio. Shortly after our food arrived we started to notice small rain drops hitting our table. It was manageable at first but then it started to get heavier.

The guy sitting behind me started talking very loudly to the staff. "You need to hurry and get that cover out." I mean, the staff were working has fast as they could but they also had heaters outside. As they started to pull out the cover the heaters were getting stuck and about to fall over. So they had to deal with that before the cover could come all the way out.

Well, it started to rain a lot harder. So I pulled out my umbrella and covered our table until the restaurant got everything figured out. After a few more minutes we were safely covered and back to enjoying our brunch!

Only to have the cover put back about 5 minutes later because the rain was finished and we had lots of sunshine!

So, brunch was exciting! Always something in New York!

Patios and sunshine go so well together!

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