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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Love. Love. Love Cindo de Mayo. Why? Oh, I don't know... margaritas, chips, salsa, queso, and lots of other yummy Mexican food.

NYC has a few Mexican restaurants. Nick and I have tried a lot but we haven't really found that one Tex-Mex place that really does it for us. They have some nice fine dinning restaurants but not Tex-Mex.

Nick is slammed with school assignments so I went out with the co-workers to celebrate. I found the restaurant in Zagat and under Tex-Mex. Figured it was worth a shot.

We went to Rio El Grande in Murray Hill. It.Was.Packed. Luckily, we were able to get a table. The margaritas were pretty good. And as in good I mean strong! I had one and that was about it for me (I know, I am a light-weight). I also might have picked this place because they are one of the few places that actually have queso on their menu. I love queso. It turned out to be really good. Almost reminded me of a OTB queso. I definitely pigged out on chips and queso.

It was super loud in there. I could hardly hear myself talk. But we had a great time. The table next to us ended up having some Texas Exes and they broke into the school song. Blah! I started putting my Gun's Up!! Greatness!


Love them!

After the happy hour was over I went and met Jennifer and Ariane at Bar Paya down in East Village. It's a really cute contemporary Peruvian restaurant. I had never had Peruvian before and was really excited.

I pretty much relied on Jennifer to pick what to eat. It's one of her favorites. We had a glass of wine and ordered some yuca fries, really interesting burgers (I can't remember the name either), and some awesome ceviche. I didn't think I liked ceviche but this was really great. My palate is expanding!!

It was so great to meet up with the girls! I have decided and think everyone agrees that it should become a Thursday night ritual. Who doesn't love girl time?!

Me, Jennifer, and Ariane... so fun!

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