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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food, Food, and More Food

Nick and I have both been pretty busy. So I haven't had time to update the blog but we had a few things going on these past few nights.

Wednesday night we had a camera class for our new Canon. Basically, the class taught us the basics of using a Canon camera. It really helped. The guy teaching the class was a little strange. But, he knew a lot about cameras. We received some really great tips that hopefully we will be able to apply to our trip!

After that class we went and ate at Hill Country BBQ... we were just so close we couldn't pass it up. It turned out there was a band playing. We were able to eat some yummy BBQ and listen to good ole country music!

Thursday night I went out with Jennifer and Ariane again! We made plans to meet up at El Rio Grande. I never pass up an opportunity to have some chips and queso! I love meeting the girls on Thursday night... it has become a nice ritual. We didn't even order anything! I mean when you have a bowl of queso and never ending refills of chips.... well, it's hard to stop!

Friday night Nick and I met Dendy and Devin down in West Village at EN Brasserie. Dendy, aka "Dr. Engelman" is a physician I work with who is also from the South (S. Carolina). We hit it off the first day! She's getting married in October to Devin who is the nicest guy! He's an investment banker - so of course Nick and him had a lot in common! It was such a great evening!

The food was so yummy! Contemporary Japanese! I have tried so many new things since moving here. I never thought I would have eaten some of the food I have.

Saturday Nick and I went to Union Square Market. It's basically this outdoor market where local farmers come sell the produce, meat, flowers, etc. It was a pretty nice day - a little overcast. It started to sprinkle just a little but only for minute. I thought it would be fun if we bought some food and made dinner later that night.

The outdoor Market - tons of people!

We ended up with a great meal. We bought some fresh salad, tomatoes, cheese biscuits, gold potatoes, and some rib-eye. And then ended purchasing a small apple and cherry pie for desert!

It was nice to walk around and support all the local farmers. They also had some beautiful flowers on display. I wanted to buy some so bad but Nick informed me we didn't have any vases to put them in. And why don't we have any vases, you ask? Well, Nick shattered the two that we did have! So I told him the next gift he buys me should be a new vase and some flowers from Union Square Market!

So pretty!

We saw this woman next to a produce stand. I kept hearing this screeching noise.... we turned around and saw two birds on this woman's shoulder. She acted as if this was just another day. It was quite funny to see!

We came home and later that night cooked our meal! It was sooo good! Everything turned out wonderful. We sat down and enjoyed our meal while watching Toy Story 3. Which by the way is so cute! Thanks to Jennifer and Ariane for telling me we needed to watch it!

These past couple of days were wonderful! Only 2 more days until Nick and I are back home in Dallas. It will be the first time since leaving last August. We are so excited! Next post..... Home.

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