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Friday, December 31, 2010

Family Time

We opened Christmas presents with my family via Skype this year. Mom wanted to open presents before we got together in Georgia. It was really nice... it felt like we were really together. They gave us some GREAT gifts! Nick and I both received really nice springtime rain coats. And I got some new flat shoes (I have learned it is a must in the city - even if you are short). It was a great way to start the Christmas festivities.

Nick and I flew to Georgia for Christmas this year. We hadn't been back in about 3 years and we thought it would be nice to see the extended families (my side).

We visited first with my dad's side of the family in Macon. Quite large and always something going on. It's never quiet... but when you have 6 younger cousins running around it makes sense. We all got together the first night and Fish and Pig. I know, I know... the name really doesn't create an appetizing sound but it actually was pretty good. Remember we are the deep south - lots of interesting things around here.

The "boy" cousins!

Love him!

The rest of the days we spent just hanging around and getting together for meals. It was nice to just do nothing - Nick and I, well mainly Nick, haven't been able to do that in a while. Nick and I even had a Sports Olympics with all of my cousins. It consisted of track, football, soccer, pool, and basketball. Yeah, not sure why I agreed to that. My team didn't win. But what I did win was a left knee that has been killing me ever since! I guess my young days are over!


The craziness of opening presents!

After visiting with dad's side of the family we left for Atlanta to visit with mom's side. Great fun again! Just lots of time with family and eating. It seems we were always eating. We took a trip to the Coca Cola museum. Pretty interesting. At the end of the museum you could taste all sorts of sodas from around the world. I think it is safe to say that North America still wins out. Some of the other countries sodas were down right nasty!

Nana and my cousin Stefan

We were scheduled to fly out Monday the 27th but that all changed due to the massive snow storm that hit NYC. Our flight was canceled and we could not get a flight out until Thursday night - 3 days later!! Craziness! Definitely something we were not expecting to happen. We tried and tried to get an earlier flight but there was nada! I do consider us one of the lucky ones - we were able to stay with my Nana and were not one of the hundreds of people sleeping on cots at the airport.

So we had some extra time in Atlanta. Nick and I spent a day shopping. Nick didn't complain once - I think it was because there really was nothing else for us to do! But I'll take it! We also visited the Atlanta Aquarimane which is the world's largest aquamarine. I had been there once before but it was new to Nick. We had a lot of fun - lots of interesting fish to see and sharks! Nick loved the sharks! It made us want a aquamarine when we have a house!

Giant Spider Crab!!


We also filled up on some yummy Mexican food. We ate at both Pappasito's and OTB! Oh, how I missed those two restaurants. It was like meeting your best friend again after a long period away from each other. We enjoyed every minute of it! We now will be okay for a while.

We finally made it back to the city late Thursday night. It is great to be home! We both are just glad to have the weekend to relax and get ready for the start of 2011!

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