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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas in the City

Yesterday Nick and I spent time roaming the city for the holidays!

Our first stop was Hill Country BBQ. We were long overdo for some BBQ! But how good is BBQ in the city compared to home? Well turns out Hill Country BBQ was pretty darn good. We immediately walked in and felt like we had been transported home. It was great! The guy that explained the restaurant to us was actually from Rockwall. We were making friends already! We also were introduced to a new drink - Black Cherry Soda by Boylan. AMAZING! Best soda ever! Nick and I are seriously thinking about ordering a case to keep at home... YUM!


After eating we headed over to Bryant Park because we wanted to go ice skating. I hadn't been ice skating in years! Well, turns out the hundreds of other people had the same idea... the wait was a hour long. Way too cold to stand in line. We decided we would come back at a less prime time of the day. Around the ice skating rink they have little shops set up so we browsed through them. We bought this cute hand-painted glass Christmas tree with ornaments. It's lovely!

Christmas Tree at Bryant Park

It was really COLD when we took this picture!

Next we headed to Rockefeller Center with even more people! We didn't stay long... just long enough to get some pictures in! Way too many people - that area is to be avoided if at all possible! But, it was still fun!

We ended our fun day with a stop at a friends holiday housewarming party! The apartment was so cute and they went all out with the food and holiday decorations. We had a great time! It was a lot of Nick's NYU friends and they were all talking about how they were ready and in need of the break! All of them definitley worked hard this semester!

We ate dinner at a place called Madison and Vine. It is the small and cozy restaurant in Midtown. It was so good! Nick and Mac-n-cheese with bacon mixed in. Oh my...delicious! And I had this amazing meatloaf with mashed potatoes. Yummy! Finish it off with a warm brownie with hot fudge and ice cream... perfect way to end a wonderful day! Just perfect.

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