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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun In September

So, I know I am suppose to post more often than every month but life has been a little crazy. September has definitley been a up and down month for me. Poor Nick - he's had to deal with a very emotional wife. Not. Fun. For. Him. But, considering the fact he's the reason that I am currently in emotional turmoil...I think he can handle it. Love you babe!

The change has been difficult for me to get use to. I didn't realize how much I would miss everything from home. From the most important things like family and friends to the small stuff like Mexican food. Though I'm not sure I really consider that "small" because I do LOVE some Tex-Mex!

It's a slow process but every week gets better. Nick has been amazing through everything. Very understanding. He should get a award for his patience. I would have already thrown myself out! Lauren, my dear friend that I have known for 20 years was very comforting in her words. She moved from Dallas to NYC right out of college. By herself I might add. I told her she had to have been absolutely CRAZY! And just family continuing to remind me that it will get better. And if not - it's only 2 years. Anyone can do anything for 2 years.

So those are the reasons I have not written anything in a month. I didn't think anyone would want to hear my emotional ranting!

I did have some great days in September so here is a look into what Nick and I have experienced so far...

Nick and I experienced one of the many NYC street fairs. And would you know we found some Mexican food! It's was actually pretty tasty!

I enjoyed some funnel cake for desert! Reminded me of the Texas State Fair!

We ran into a China Town parade while out exploring the borough.

My first experience with Sushi and Sake. Nick and I met up with his NYU friends for a night out. I didn't partake in the Sake but Nick sure did...I think he ended up drinking 10! Yeah, who new my husband was such a drinker. I think it was peer pressure! And, I actually liked the Sushi - though I only ate the ones with cooked shrimp and chicken. No raw!

So cute - also our first experience with using chopsticks. Interesting.

There ended up being group from Columbia Business School in the restaurant. So what happened? Yep, a game of who could drink the Sake the fastest. Hilarious!

At a flea market in Hell's Kitchen - this guy was at the beginning.

We found these glasses on a table - very retro in my opinion. I told Nick he should get them but he didn't agree. Oh well!

We found the official Alumni Tech Bar in NYC. It's located in UES not too far from us. Really cool to be there with Tech fans. We were playing UT that night - didn't win the game but had a GREAT time.

The even had a Texas Tech Burger on the menu. AWESOME!

Now to my favorite part of September.... MOM CAME TO VISIT! We did a lot of shopping. A lot. But isn't that what you are suppose to do? I think so! It was really great to have her spend time here. I missed home and her visit was just what I needed. We had a great 4 days! Just amazing. It was definitley hard to see her go but she will be back in a few months. And next time she will bring dad and Evan!

Nick and Mom!

Me and Mom at Dylan's Candy. YUM!

In Times Square on our way to see La Cage!

Amazing show! We LOVED it. So entertaining!!

Well, that's about it for September. I definitley plan to get better at posting in October!

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