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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yeah, I Pretty Much Lied...

So in my last post, at the end of September, I started off by saying I would get better at posting on the blog. Meaning.... I would post more than once a month. Yep, I lied - that didn't quite happen seeing it's now the second week in November! No excuses - I didn't make the time to sit down and do it. But I will get better - it has become one of my missions.

Missions. I now have quite a few of those. Like... go the gym, eat better, and now write in the blog. I am making strides in the first two! It's not easy though - unhealthy food is all around us! The city has the online site called Seamless Web... basically we can order anything we want from about 200 restaurants that deliver to us. Amazingly awesome when we first moved here...now, still awesome but definitely unhealthy! Nick and I are gaining more self control everyday!

October was a really nice month. Nick's mom and sister came to visit - fun times! We did a lot of fun tourist things like walk the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Statue of Liberty (from afar), walk around the Food Network Festival! Always great to have family in town!!

Us at the High Line Park before going to the Food Network Festival.

At the start of the event - it basically had a collection of different restaurants that offered a tasting of their menu and stores that offered different tastings of wines! Really fun!!

On the Brooklyn Bridge!

There was also Halloween! Definitely a time when the crazies come out in the city! We went to Club Touch. Yeah, the name says it all. Right in the middle of Times Square. You can imagine the people we saw and all the CRAZY costumes! I was a girl fighter jet pilot and Nick was Dirk Nowtizki from the Dallas Mavericks. He was originally suppose to be Sherlock Holmes but he HATED his costume. And I do have to agree it was awful! Just plain ugly! So with a Mavs jersey and a $5 blond wig - Dirk Nowtizki! Unfortunately, no pictures of this crazy night. Another mission - get better with taking photos!

The first weekend in November NYU held a charity ball at the Central Park Boathouse. Very exciting and I do love getting dressed up. And this was formal attire! Love! We had a really great time. There was tons of people, food, dancing, and open bar. What's not to like. Nick even got out on the dance floor with me. That's one thing that has changed - Nick has started to dance. Who knew he could?! He danced at the club on Halloween and here he was dancing again at the charity ball. Just. Amazing.

Charity Ball! Love getting dressed up!!

This weekend we did a little shopping for a long, warm winter coat for Nick. A must here. It's starting to get cold and apparently the week of Thanksgiving there is a chance for sleet/snow. Though, that's about 10 days away - usually the weather people aren't right!

This weekend experienced Shake Shack. Apparently they have some of the best burgers and shakes. Kind of a staple in the city. The place was in this really nice park. We walked into the park and the line was ridiculously LONG. I mean, crazy long. A good 30 minutes. We decided to wait and see what all the commotion was about. As we are waiting in this crazy long line two men come up behind us and stand in line.

Strangers: "Have you had this before."
Us: "No first time - I hope it's worth it."
Strangers: "Us too."
Then they turn to this guy sitting on a bench who is currently eating his burger and fries.
Strangers: "Hey, is it worth the wait? Is it the best burger?"
Bench Guy: "It's alright, I don't know what all the hype is about."

With that the two guys behind us wished us luck and went somewhere else. That's just what you want to hear when you are waiting in a 30 minute line - it's alright. Great. But we waited and I have to say it was a pretty darn good burger. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed eating in the park!

LONG LINE! But worth it!

So I think I am pretty much caught up to date. I WILL get better at posting. The holidays have begun in the city and Nick and I plan on exploring all the activities!

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