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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New York, New York

Well this post is a little late...but it's been quite the busy 3 weeks! Moving sucks all by itself but moving to a completely new state thousands of miles away makes it even harder!

We arrived in the city on the 10th and had to wait a few days to get into the apartment. We had to be "approved" by the apartment board. Seriously, who wouldn't want Nick and I as tenants. Luckily they agreed and we moved in! Well, I should say we moved in four bags of luggage and a air mattress. Our lovely moving company gave us a 5-15 day window for our belongings to be delivered. Yeah, huge window....just HUGE! And to top it off we didn't have internet or cable for about a week. It really makes you wonder how in the world we managed without those things. We completely felt disconnected from the world!

Nick and I hung in there and eventually (well like the 14th day of the moving window - of course!) all our belongings arrived. It was such a good feeling to see everything - it felt like opening small pieces of home. Funny thing is it was practically like Christmas. You see when Nick and I got married we were under the impression we would be buying a house in approximately 6 months. So I decided we wouldn't open our all our wonderful and very nice wedding presents until we got into our house...

Three years later and Nick deciding to attend graduate school had us opening all our wedding gifts for our new New York apartment. We had lots and lots of kitchen items. And you have to remember this is a New York kitchen - small! I apparently overestimated on the amount of kitchen items we would need. I brought a turkey roaster! Really? Pretty sure I won't be cooking any turkeys! Oh well...I surprisingly made it all fit and it doesn't look cramped or cluttered. Yay me!

We now have a bed (oh, how my back missed sleeping on a bed after two weeks on a air mattress), cable/internet, a kitchen we can now use, a closet full of clothes, the paintings are on the walls and all the small decorations that make a home a home are out.

I've included some pictures of the apartment so everyone can get an idea of what it looks like.

The bathroom - it has a window (which apparently is a novelty)

The hallway as you walk into the apartment

The very nice, but small kitchen

The living area (with quite the impressive view)

The bedroom (one room still working on a little bit)

Other side of the bedroom

I will be keeping a more up-to-date blog of what Nick and I are learning and experiencing with this new city we now call home. Already have a lot of stories! But I will save that for a later post!

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