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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween in NYC! However, I do believe it will be the most un-Halloween ever... due to hurricane Sandy. I'm sure you've seen the news... lots of damage. But hurricane Sandy gets its own post in a couple of days.

Last Friday night Nick and I went out with our close friends Matt and Pam. We love them! Pam is Nick's "work wife"... they have spent a lot of quality time together!

We met after work and headed down to the lower east side. We were having dinner at 'inoteca. Three of us (Matt, Nick, and myself) had all had dental work done earlier in the day and we were starving!

'inoteca is this great restaurant with a really cool vibe. We sat down and immediatley proceeded to order some wine followed by A LOT of food. And when I say a lot I mean it. I don't think I've ever ordered that much food before. The food was delicious - I was surprised I really enjoyed all the dishes brought out.

We ordered truffled egg toast, prosciutto,7 different kinds of bruschetta, porchetta panino w/ salsa verde, arugula, mustard seed mayo, and we each ended with our own entree - pasta. Delicious!

It's a little dark - I always forget to put the flash on. 

After dinner we headed a few blocks to The Killers: New York Haunted House. It's Halloween time and of course we had to do a haunted house (I mean... it's me you are talking about)! We had timed tickets so we only waited for about 20 minutes. This was actually the first house that I allowed the actors to "touch" me. We were marked with this red paint on our forehead that allowed the actors to know they were able to grab us...

Pam and I were definitely grabbed. Must have been because we were girls and the actors were mainly guys. Mine wasn't too bad but Pam's actor had her up against the wall and put some nasty fake blood on her neck... not smart actor - she was in a white shirt!

Overall the haunted house was okay. There were about two times that someone jumped out at me that got a good scream. I always compare haunted houses to the one I visited with a group of friends senior year back home. It was 45 minutes of pure terror. Nothing has lived up to that yet.

Overall a great Halloween festive night with some great friends!

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