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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding in Rosemary Beach, Florida

I love weddings! And I especially love weddings on the beach!

David Dix and Sloan Looney got married in Rosemary Beach, Florida this weekend. It was beautiful, lovely, heart-warming. Not to mention perfect weather. You couldn't have asked for a more wonderful weekend.

Nick and I flew to Atlanta on Thursday night and spent the night with my aunt and cousin. It was so great to see them. Lisa will make anyone laugh! We didn't get to bed until midnight and then had to wake up about 5:45am to catch our flight out of Atlanta. So much flying... didn't like it one bit. The flight from Atlanta to Panama City, FL was diverted to Fort Walton because of visibility. We landed in Fort Walton and refueled and waited for the fog to clear. For someone who is terrified of flying.. this sucked. Another take off and landing... awesome.

But, we made it! And it was gorgeous. We quickly unpacked and made our way to the beach. We met up with all the wedding guests and saw David and Sloan - who looked incredibly happy and relaxed. This day was dedicated to relaxing under the umbrella and swimming in the ocean. We loved every minute!


Town Square of Rosemary Beach - the entire area is beautiful. They really did a wonderful job with this community - modeled after the West Indies.

Nick and I also met up with an old friend from high school who happened to be friends with David as well. I hadn't seen Daryn since graduation (which was 10 years ago). It was so great to see her and meet her fiance Matt. It really is a small world.

That night Nick and I had dinner at George's... lovely outside setting with the sunset in the background. The food was amazing. It was a really nice evening just being with Nick... peaceful. We don't get a whole lot of that in the city. After dinner we made our way over to the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was finishing up. They were serving drinks and dessert - yummy margaritas! We didn't stay too long because we were exhausted. Traveling takes a whole lot out of you.

Saturday = wedding day! And we had another lovely day at the beach! Nick and I rented some chairs on the beach and relaxed for most of the day. The only irritating thing about this trip was the flies... they wouldn't leave you alone. It was bad enough that we had to go get bug spray. And these flies were mean - they bit you and it hurt

The wedding was held on the beach and it was a beautiful set-up. There was clear, blue skies in the background with waves crashing on the sound. The groom and groomsman were in white shirts and khaki and the bridesmaids were in a lovely orange color. The ceremony was beautiful and it really made me thankful for Nick. I cherish the time we spend together and couldn't imagine my life without him.

David and Sloan with Georgie - their daughter. She is precious!

The reception was a full on party! It was on this large green space with an open tent. Lights were all around us and the decor was just right. The food.. oh the food! Shrimp and grits, mac-n-cheese, wings, burgers, sweet potato fries... perfect Southern food! I fell in love with the shrimp and grits. And then there was the cakes... delicious!

David is a huge fan of the Mavericks... and his cake looked like an exact replica of a basketball.

And then there was dancing! Surprisingly, Nick and I were out on the dance floor most of the evening. Who would have thought?! And it wasn't even slow songs... we were getting our groove on! We sent Dave and Sloan off into the night with bubbles. A perfect end to a perfect wedding.

Nick and the groom!

Daryn! So glad we were able to catch up!

There was an after-party that all the "young" people went to. Nick and I didn't stay too long but we did stay long enough for Nick to get a little "tipsy." I won't go into details but lets just say the walk home was pretty entertaining!

Matt making Daryn and Nick shots! 

Sunday morning we woke up and spent a few hours on the beach before we had to head to the airport. It couldn't have been a better weekend. We are so grateful we were able to celebrate David and Sloan. Nick and I wish them all the happiness in the world!

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