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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dallas for the Holidays Part 2

Let's see... where to pick up?!

Thursday, at this point we have no idea what day it is. I wake up and ask, "what day is it, Friday." He says to me, "No, I thought it was Wednesday." Hah!

Thursday morning we lounged at my house for a little while and then headed over to Mike and Sandy's for lunch. Everyone had arrived... Laura and cutie pie Jacob who is 7 months old. Don, Cerise, Harry, and Meredith were there along with Natalie and Brain. It was a full house!

Jacob! Too cute!

We just hung out and chatted for most of the afternoon. Nick and I had a nice time playing with Jacob. I love anywhere from 6-12 months. It's my favorite age! Later that night we had a pretty great meal! Cesear salad, steak, lobster tails! Yum! After a meal like that we relaxed for the rest of the night.

Friday we spent over at Karen's house for a couple of hours to do another Christmas. This time with Don, Cerise, Harry, and Meredith. Lots of presents to go around!

Later that evening we headed over to our friends house, Dave and Shara. Jake and Michelle were also coming over. They both have the cutest daughters... Andi and Claire! They had grown so much in 7 months. We miss them terribly and keep trying to convince them to come and visit! We had home cooked fajitas thanks to the boys and they were delicious!

We also had another game night! Leave it to Dave to make it so much fun.... we even had prizes! I absolutely LOVE our game nights! It really cracks me up to hear what comes out of our mouths. I'm pretty sure Shara beat us all with some of her comments. Unfortunately, not blog appropriate!

Playing darts... our first game and one that everyone makes fun of me for. Apparently my wind up is quite funny!

Saturday was New Year's Eve and we spent it hanging out with my family. I really can't remember what we did during the day.... at all. I think we hung out around the house. I'm pretty much drawing a blank. But I do remember what we did that night. We had made reservations for dinner at Pappa's Steakhouse. Oh my! The best steaks and hands down the best lobster bisque I have EVER had! All of us were really looking forward to this meal!

And let me just say... It did not disappoint. In fact it was way more food than we expected. It was a special menu for New Year's Eve. You could pick an appetizer, salad/soup, main course, a side, and desert. But, you know how most restaurants will make the food smaller. Nope, not Pappa's! Same size as normal and the side items were practically family style. We went home with quite a lot of to-go bags.

What we do after that? Party? Club? Bar hop? Oh no we went home with the family and watched a movie until the ball dropped in NYC. Yeah, not exciting but it was the perfect evening. Hanging out with the family is way better than bar hopping!

Sunday was our last full day in Dallas. Tear. Karen came over to have New Years Day lunch with us. Mom cooked up a pretty good meal... pork chops (though dad cooked these), rice, corn, mashed potatoes (left over from Pappa's), rolls, etc. And tons of deserts!

We relaxed the rest of the day and later watched the Mavericks and the Cowboys.

Monday was the day to head back. Our flight wasn't until 1:40pm so we had some time. We ran a few errands and then my family, Nick and I, met with Mike and Sandy at Mi Cocina for lunch. Our last Mexican restaurant. Nick and I were really sad about that!

We said our goodbyes. It really was a perfect trip and a good amount of time. We loved spending time with our family and seeing our friends. I missed home terribly this time and part of me wished me weren't going home. I loved feeling the warm weather and seeing the open spaces. I really miss that. Who knows one day we might be back.

The other part of me was ready to head back to NYC. It's our home now and I missed our little apartment, our restaurants, and the routine we have. I, however, did not miss coming home to the below freezing temperatures. I will NEVER like that!

All in all a wonderful Christmas at home! I hope your holidays were just as wonderful!

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  1. We had so much fun with y'all. I cannot beleive that I did not get a group picture. I had told Dave earlier that night to remind me to set up the timer on the camera to get a good group pic. Oh Man! Now it will be another 7 months until we get to see you...and have a chance for a photo op! Miss y'all...and are thinking about trying to make it up to NY, this summer, perhaps?! Love you!