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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seriously Funny...


Today provided quite the entertainment. Usually when all three us (me, Nicole, and Tamara) are together we have no problem keeping ourselves quite entertained. We all find each other quite funny. The two Texans and the girl from the Bronx.

We had a extra bit of excitment today. This week has been a little slow due to one of our physicians being out as well as the snow day we had. So there has been some downtime. A lot of downtime. And, of course we find ways to entertain ourselves!

Well, we were sitting at the computer in the nurses station just talking. All of a sudden we recieve these pop ups warning us about how the computer is at risk and being attacked. Blah, blah. We didn't think much of it... we thought it was just some site wanting us to purchase anti-virus protection. Well a few minutes later a website that none of us would EVER pull up pops onto the screen. So, we decide to leave a message for our IT people.

A few minutes later, the website pops up again. This time right as the IT people are calling. Who I might add can see our screen. As Tamara is talking to them Nicole and I are cracking up by what we are looking at. It's just not something anyone sees pulled up on their work computer.

It's just so halirous. The IT guy is laughing on the other line because he can hear us cracking up. My ribs literally hurt because we were laughing so hard.

It was just the sort of thing we needed. A good laugh. It's always nice.

Warning - younger kids should not look! Ha! I'm sure you all can already guess what popped up?!

Seriously funny.

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