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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Hour & Birthday

Gotta love girls happy hour! It was long over-do!

We all met up at Maya...my favorite Mexican restaurant (to date). We were so excited about yummy Mexican food and half priced margaritas! Well, turns out we were a little too excited and didn't pay much attention. We sat in the restaurant area thinking we would still be able to get happy hour prices. But, no. Sadly not. We were already situated and didn't feel like moving so we said, "What the hell - screw happy hour prices!"

It.Was.Crazy. Most all of the girls came...Christine and Sophia were not present but were there in spirit! We definitley had a few drinks for them too! Krystal, who also use to work with us, came and it was so great to see her and catch up!

We just enjoyed drinking, making a lot of noise, and having a great time! Girls night is a must do every once in a while!

Love all of them!

It was also Tamara's 30th Birthday on Sunday. Which, I might add, she mentioned to us quite a few times each day. She just didn't want us to forget. Haha! So, Tamara wanted ice skating and pizza. How could you turn that down? So we got together Saturday night for some ice skating in Central Park. It was REALLY cold and right before I left it started to snow. Not many people can say they have ice skated while it snowed. So, ice skating in Central Park while it was snowing outside=PERFECTION!

Tamara and I were the only ones that made it. We had a great time and even better... We did NOT fall. Not once. That made the night even better. It was such a cool experience. Definitely something Nick and I are going to have to do together!

Just lovely.

Super cold! Aren't my Ugg ear muffs cute?! (I bought those earlier in the day because I knew my ears would be freezing!)

We met up with Jenienne at Serafine for some yummy Italian food. I had never been there. It was a really cute place with some great wine and food.

Me, Tamara, and Jenienne (I have a feeling you will start seeing them a lot in my blog!)

I love those two girls - lots of fun for a Saturday! We are already planning more evenings out!


  1. I had a fantastic time!! It means a lot that you came out to celebrate and had a good time. It should be my birthday every weekend! So happy to have found you here in the City. xoxo

  2. I had a fantastic time too! How about we celebrate your birthday every other weekend...that way we can celebrate mine on the others! Perfect!