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Monday, August 13, 2012


Cafeteria = new favorite restaurant in the city! More on that in a minute...

Friday night Nick and I decided to stay in. We've been trying to be more healthy lately. Better meal decisions. I decided to make chicken fajitas with corn tortillas and this black bean/corn dish as a side. Plus a little chips and guacamole (even though that's not real healthy).

The dinner came out wonderful! It was my first time making the side dish and guacamole and I could not have been happier. Especially the guacamole - I loved it! Super easy to make. I have to say it is one of the better meals I have made.

Saturday was a big day for me - I ran my first three miles EVER. Anyone who knows me knows I hated anything over 400 yards... even 400 yards was pushing it. I was a sprinter in high school and despised long distance. So the fact that I ran three miles is a huge accomplishment! I was quite proud of myself. My next goal is to run a 5K...

Nick and I ran a few errands and then had lunch at Cafeteria in Chelsea. It.Was.Delicious. This restaurant is my new favorite in the city. I don't know why we haven't been before but you can count on us returning. Everything on the menu looked tasty - it was really hard to decided.

We started off with some drinks - margarita on the rocks for Nick that had a little bit of a twist and a blueberry mojito for me. Just what we needed on a hot, humid day. After taking a long time to review the menu we finally decided.

Nick ordered the fish tacos (way to be healthy!) with a side of truffle parmesan fries (not so  healthy) and I, well... I didn't order so healthy. I ordered the fried catfish with a side of cheese grits. That's right - a Southern meal. I can't even begin to explain how satisfying this meal was. I savored every bite - the catfish was fried to perfection and the grits had just the right amount of cheese mixed in. Nick's meal was every bit as delicious as mine. Both of us had nothing left on our plates.

Afterwards we met up with some of Nick's prior classmates at The Frying Pan. It's this large boat that sits on the Hudson. It's basically a huge bar... and it was packed! The environment was really neat and we had a great table towards the front that looked over the Hudson. However, I couldn't stay too long... the motion of the boat was making me nausea. It was a constant back and forth motion and after about an hour I was ready to be on solid ground.

 The rest of the weekend was quiet - a relaxing, lazy Sunday. Just the way we like it!

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