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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Christmas has officially begun in the city! Holiday music playing, tree in Rockefeller Center, Christmas lights, hot chocolate! Oh... and the thousands of tourists that inundate the city at this time of year.

This past Saturday I spent some time Christmas shopping while Nick was out with his bike. We had ordered a few things online during Cyber Monday but still needed a few items. On a side note - online shopping is so incredibly easy. I mean... search, click, and buy. Plus free shipping!

Obviously I can't tell you where I went because that would give away the presents I bought. I did enjoy walking along 5th avenue seeing the beautifully decorated store windows. I have to say Bergdorf Goodman knows how to do it. Their windows were absolutely beautiful!

I eventually made my way down to Rockefeller Center and saw the tree. It wasn't as exciting in the daytime. Plus this was the most crowded area. I could hardly walk... so I snapped a picture and got the hell out!

It was a lovely day of shopping and the best part I was able to finish my Christmas list! Now I can enjoy the presents under the tree before I have to ship them home!

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