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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Year Anniversary Weekend

What a great weekend! So many good things happened....

The weekend started on Thursday night. I met up with Jen, Amber, and Ariane at the Hurricane Club for Jenn's Birthday! I had suggested the Hurricane Club because it's a great get together spot and has some delicious food! We had crab & avocado corn cakes, Peking duck sandwiches, ahi tuna spring rolls with toasted sesame seeds, and coconut shrimp for apetiziers. For the main course we shared a island jungle salad and dover sole fish. Perfect.

We had some amazing food! I don't think there is anything on the menu that wouldn't be good. It was a great evening with the girls celebrating Jenn's birthday!

After work on Friday I stopped by the grocery store on the way home. Nick and I had decided to have a quiet night in. I had planned to make salad, rolls, and spaghetti. I was finishing laundry when he came home and handed me some papers. What did those papers say?

Oh, just that he received his full time offer from UBS after graduate school! I was so excited! We weren't expecting the offer to come so soon. He had originally thought it would come a week or two after he finished. I am not complaining though...the earlier the better! I was just so proud of him. All of his hard work paid off. The craziness of first year grad school, late nights, endless recruiting, long hours during the internship. It all paid off in that moment. That's what every MBA student is working towards... an offer. The path that we set off on when we decided to move to NYC is definitely paying off. Who knows what comes next. Obviously, a home cooked meal was not quite the celebration we needed. So we headed out to Maya... our go to Mexican restaurant. We had delicious margaritas and chicken enchiladas and chipotle shrimp .

Saturday was a BIG day. August 13th, 2011.... this date marked Nick and I being together for 10 years. A decade. It's crazy to think that we have been together so long... it doesn't feel like 10 years.

He brought home these beautiful flowers for me. Aren't they gorgeous?! Nick had his bike fitting in the morning and I had some errands to do. We decided we would have lunch at Ocean Grill on UWS. It was a beautiful day so we walked through Central Park. Ocean Grill was fabulous! We sat on the sidewalk and watched all the people go by. The Museum of Natural History was right across the street... so great view! I had a crunchy and spicy shrimp sandwhich that reminded me a lot of a shrimp Po-boy. I.loved.it! Nick had the soft shell crab wrap that was delicious too!

We stopped by Shake Shack on the way back to Central Park. We got some ice cream we could share while relaxing in the park. We ended up at this hill where a lot of people were relaxing listening to this guy sing and play his guitar. It was the perfect spot to lay our blanket and just relax. The guy singing was actually really good. He had a huge crowd listening to him. Apparently he is there every Saturday. I would recommend checking him out. If it's a nice day... bring a blanket, snacks, and just sit back and listen.

As we were walking back to the apartment we came across this rollerblading area. There was some pretty loud music and cheers. As we got closer it was this big roller blade dance party. People of all ages were out there. There was this particular older lady who was cracking us up. Nick thought she had taken some serious drugs. She was in her own world... I snapped a picture of her. Doesn't she look high!

We came back home and had to get ready for Dendy and Devin's engagement party. I use to work for Dendy at my prior job. She's a dermatologist and from South Carolina... we bonded over being from the South. She's getting married in October and her friend threw her a party that night. The apartment was on the UWS and it was just so cute. There were tons of people there. The apartment was on the top floor so there was access to the rooftop area with some great views. We were able to chat with some wonderful people and drink some amazing cocktails!

Jenienne and I at the party!

We had to leave around 8:15 because we had dinner reservations at One If By Land Two If By Sea. This is apparently the most romantic restaurant in the city. I was a little nervous when I booked the reservation because the menu is somewhat adventurous. But, it's a top rated restaurant...

The food was simply amazing. One of the best meals we have had since coming to the city. It's now in the top 3. The restaurant is in West Village and housed in this old carriage house. They have beautiful candle chandeliers. I felt like I had been transported back to 1775. It was just beautiful inside. We had a some drinks at the bar while we waited for our table. We sat in the upstairs portion of the restaurant. I liked being up there... you had a great view of the restaurant.

Nick and I decided on the 4 course tasting menu. Phenomenal. I started with the tomato gazpacho (which when you think gazpacho you think soup... it was more like a salad), then had the pan seared scallops, followed by the wild striped bass, and for desert the strawberry basil ice cream sandwiches. To.Die.For. All of it was amazing... the food was so fresh and everything just went perfectly together. Nick had the Maine scallop sashimi to start, then the Seared Hudson Valley foie gras, followed by the beef wellington, and desert was the milk and cookies. We tasted each others but we both preferred everything we ordered.

He wouldn't let me take any pictures because the restaurant was so fancy. He was like, "We need to look like we belong here." Haha! It was a wonderful evening. We reflected on what 10 years meant. It just amazing that we have been together longer than some people have been married. I couldn't imagine spending my life without Nick. The past 10 years has been filled with happiness, excitement, surprises, stress, hardships, and everything else. I couldn't imagine going through all of that without him. It makes me excited for what the next 10 years has to bring!

Sunday was simply a day of relaxation. It was pretty gross outside so we lounged on the couch and watched movies. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

I love you babe! Happy 10 Years!

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