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Monday, February 21, 2011

First Ever Ski Trip

Yes, I am 26 years old and have never been skiing! Like I've said in prior posts... I grew up on the water. The sand, beach, water skiing, jet skis are much more familiar to me than snow, wind, ski lifts and mountains.

But, it was time. We are close to so many ski resorts - how could we not?

Now, Nick has been skiing before. Granted, it was fifteen years ago... But I have heard it's like riding a bike. You don't forget. I, however, am a newbie! The weekend before we went to Paragon Sports (for those in the South - think Dick's). We met a really nice salesman, Brian, who helped us get all the basic gear we needed. As a side note - who knew ski gear could be so expensive. I.did.not! I had sticker shock - which normally does not happen to me.

The ski trip was through NYU and a lot of Nick's classmates were going as well. We were headed to Killington, VT. Which apparently is one of the nicer areas for skiing up North. We left Friday around 5ish. Yep.... 5 o'clock on a Friday in the middle of Manhattan. Not so smart. It took us about 45 minutes to get out of Manhattan. And that was probably going no more than 10 blocks. AWFUL! Once we made it out we were greeted with New Jersey traffic. We finally made it to the resort and I passed out! It was going to be a early wake up call.

Nick and I had set up lessons for Saturday morning. Basically my introduction into skiing and his refresher course. Everyone said you need to take a lesson...it will help. It did.

First, ski boots hurt! And they make you walk funny. But mostly.... they hurt! Nick did tell me that if we didn't have cheap, rented boots it would be better. I definitley had to get use to walking in those. The lesson went really well - I am quite proud of myself. I fell once. The instructor even asked me if I was sure I hadn't been skiing before. That made me smile! He then proceeded to ask me if I had skated before. Which I had for quite a few years when I was younger. Apparently that was what helped me learn it so quickly.

I met up with Nick in the afternoon and we went to some easy green trails. I did pretty good. I pretty much "wedged" the whole time. Nick eventually thought I was ready to take a lift up to a green mountain. I think I was more worried about the stupid ski lift than anything else. How many stories have you heard about people getting stuck or people falling at the end. I did not want to be one of those people! It ended up being pretty good.

The green mountain, as I liked to call it, looked a lot bigger and a lot steeper from the top. I admit, I was nervous. But, Nick stayed behind me the whole time. I fell a few times but not bad. There was quite a lot of people on the mountain and I just kept thinking....

Yes, I see you 4 year old who looks like they have been skiing for 20 years! Show-off! Please don't knock me over! Oh, and hi snowboarders - yes, I know you like to cut and turn quickly but please quit spraying me with snow!

By the next day I was pretty comfortable with the motions of it all. I was also more comfortable with building up some speed. Through one of Nick's NYU classmates we found this green "trail." It was like a 20 minute trail down the mountain. We actually had to take the lifts that take you up the the black and double black mountains. That was interesting - really high up and the wind against our face was brutal!

While going up the ski lifts you see all the "experienced" skiers going down the blacks. I just kept thinking....

Wow, that mountain is really steep. If they fell and kept going - would it be like the movies where they turn into this giant snowball and roll all the way down the mountain? Luckily, that didn't happen.

The green trial was a lot of fun. It had a good mix of twists and turns and small and high slopes. I couldn't get down this one part though. It wad the steepest part of the trail and I just couldn't quite figure it out. I fell on that part. A lot. But, I always made it down.

Overall, it was a great experience and I learned something new and fun. I still might be partial to warm weather and it's sports but it's definitely something that Nick and I will be back at.

Nick was amazing. He picked it right back up. And he was a great partner. He always stayed behind me to make sure I was okay.... even though I know he could have been going a lot faster and having more fun. And he was a great coach when I needed it!

Yay for our first ski trip! Enjoy the pictures!

The front of the ski resort

Right before heading out to the slopes! (I got a lot of compliments on that beanie)

Nick with the gear...so cute.

At the top of the mountain

We stopped right in the middle of the mountain to take this picture. I was praying we wouldn't get knocked over by someone!

At the top of a black diamond mountain!

Hi, honey!

So fun!

That was after I finished my first trip down the mountain! I made it!

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