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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving = Stress

This past weekend Nick and I moved all of our stuff into storage. Let me just say, I absolutely HATE moving. Hate it. Moving just does not work for someone who likes to feel in control and organized. I was definitely stressed. I think next time I will hire professional movers to handle everything start to finish!

Our day started bright and early at 7am and ended about 9pm. VERY long day. We still had quite a bit of packing to do as well. About 9am is when help arrived. I could not have been more grateful for everyone that came. My family, Nick’s family, and our dear friend Drew were all there. We had close to 10 people helping pack and load all the boxes/furniture into the UHaul. It is amazing the amount you of things you accumulate in such a small space and such a small amount of time. Nick and I could have never done all of that on our own or we could have but would have killed one another by the end of the day! Thanks to everyone who helped!!

I did have what Nick would call a “minor breakdown.” I was so overwhelmed with the packing and deciding what needed to stay, what needed to go to New York, what we needed for Europe…that it all became a little too much at one point. Luckily my mom was there to calm me down. You can always count on your mom to get you back on track (thanks mom)! I also believe that I was starting to realize this is the start to Nick and mines next chapter. This is a really big change we are about to embark upon…and with that comes a lot of nervous and excited emotions. Nick’s just downright excited and I’m the one who tends to worry more.

I really started to think. There is a lot that we are about to leave behind. Our family, friends, co-workers, Dallas, etc…there are too many things to list. We both will miss all of that dearly. But, Nick and I have always been on the same page. We always wanted to take time for ourselves; spend time and strengthen our relationship as a married couple, grow in our careers, travel, etc. before settling down and having a family. There is so much to experience in life and learn that you cannot remain stagnant. You can not be afraid of change. I just continue to tell myself, yes; change is hard and it’s difficult to adjust to but hopefully after everything is said and done it will be worth it. And I truly believe that it will be.

So, needless to say the moving day was not only physically exhausting but emotionally as well. Nick and I were very grateful for the warm shower and clean bed we collapsed into that night!

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  1. I am so excited (and jealous) for you in the next couple of years. Donny and I talk about moving somewhere new, but we haven't yet. New York would not be that place for us. But as a couple with no kids, how fun for you. But the packing up part does stink. We think we might move in the next 18 months, can you imagine how much stuff we have collected in the last 13 years in this house? I am very afraid!!!!!